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Shock BABY SCANDAL with a TWIST heading for THIS Coronation Street favourite

It has been hinted that Maria Connor is about to become a mum again, but there's a twist...

It has been reported that Coronation Street's Maria Connor is going to discover she is pregnant... but in a shocking twist the father of the baby will be cobbles killer Gary Windass, and she has no idea how evil he is.

Coronation Street fans know that Gary has blood on his hands after inadvertently causing Rana Habeeb's death on her wedding day when she got crushed by the falling factory roof that he sabotaged.

He also killed Rick Neelan, who he murdered after his life was made a misery by the loan shark, but this time his crime was entirely intentional, making him the new Weatherfield villain.

Gary Windass and Rick fight to the death in Coronation Street

Gary killed Rick after he made his life a living misery (Picture: ITV)

Soap fans have watched Gary turn nasty since he killed Rick, taking on his loan shark business and raking in the cash... but Maria has no idea that Gary is evil and according to reports she is about to find herself connected to him for good by having his baby.

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After her ill-fated romance with drug addicted doctor Ali Neeson, Maria thinks that Gary is her new knight in shining armour... but little does she know he is more trouble than she could possibly imagine.

A source told The Sun: "Gary decides he wants Maria and he goes all out to see Ali off and woo her.

Maria and Gary to a Hallowe’en party

Gary and Maria's romance is set to move fast according to reports (Picture: ITV)

"He buys her a hugely expensive 4X4 car and showers her with gifts before asking her to move in with him into Weatherfield's luxury flats on Victoria Court.

"He comes up with a convincing story about how he can afford it all, and she falls for it hook, line and sinker."

While no one in Weatherfield has any idea just how bad Gary has become, his ex girlfriend Sarah Platt found herself at the reviving end of his temper after they split up, while Ryan Connor has become a victim of Gary's violence and Adam Barlow knows he's up to no good.

According to reports, the news that Maria is pregnant is a shock to everyone, especially the mum-to-be herself... "No one else quite knows why they are moving so fast until they go to celebrate moving in together in the Rovers and Maria raises eyebrows by shunning champagne and only having a line and soda.

Maria talks to Gary in Coronation Street

How long will it take for Maria to see Gary's true colours? (Picture: ITV)

"One of the girls asks them if they're expecting and Gary's answer all but confirms it, leading to Maria desperately shushing the cheers and congratulations."

This isn't the first time the pair will be welcoming a child into the world. Gary is already father to Jake and Zack, while Maria has a son, Liam.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.