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Shock bombshell on the cards for THIS Summer Bay resident in today's Home and Away

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Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson arrive home from their car rally, only for Brody to see them kissing...

Today's Home and Away sees Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson finally make their romance official... but Ziggy's ex Brody Morgan is clearly torn when he sees the pair kissing.

Ziggy and Dean have been on an adventure of a lifetime at a car rally, raising money for charity, while also getting to drive their kit car across the Australian outback.

But while they were sleeping under the stars, romance hit and the pair finally got together after weeks of just being friends.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Morgan

Dean and Ziggy got together while on their car rally (Picture: Channel 5)

However as the new couple arrive back in Summer Bay today, it seems their romance might only have been a holiday fling... but is that really what they both want?

As their car pulls into the Bay, Ziggy is greeted by her parents. But while Maggie and Ben quiz their daughter about her trip, Dean makes himself scarce without saying goodbye, leaving Ziggy miffed.

As she gets home, Ziggy is thrilled to see Coco is home, and it doesn't take long for her sister to be quizzing her about what happened with Dean while spending all that time together in the close confinements of the car.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Brody Morgan

Brody asks Dean how Ziggy is today... (Picture: Channel 5)

Eventually Ziggy spills the beans that the pair of them did get together... but after she calls Dean and he doesn't reply to her message, Ziggy is disappointed and thinks that he's not interested in her now they're home.

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Eventually Ziggy confronts Dean at the caravan park, and it is clear that he also thinks Ziggy wants to keep their romance under wraps... but thankfully their cross wires are soon cleared up and the pair share a kiss.

Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni

Ziggy thinks Dean isn't interested when he doesn't return her call (Picture: Channel 5)

But while they're kissing, Ziggy's soon-to-be ex husband Brody comes out of girlfriend Simone's caravan, only to see the pair kissing and heading into Dean's caravan together.

Despite being the one to have an affair and leave Ziggy, it is clear that the fact his wife has moved on hurts the chef... but he covers when Simone asks if he is okay.

But with him planning to leave town with Simone and start a new life together away from the Bay, could Brody seeing Ziggy with Dean make him have second thoughts?

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