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Shock DEATH leads to DOUBLE exit in next week’s Emmerdale

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(Image credit: ITV)

Next week's Emmerdale sees Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle exit the village after a shock death leaves them reeling...

It's a sad time for 'Robron' fans next week when Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle flee Emmerdale after discovering Lee Posner has died.

The pair are left reeling when Victoria arrives to break the shocking news that Lee has died from his injuries inflicted on him by Robert during an argument back in the summer.

Victoria tells Robert and Aaron that Lee has died in Emmerdale

Robert and Aaron are stunned when Victoria tells them Lee has died (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans will know that Lee raped Victoria following a night out earlier this year, leaving her pregnant with her first child.

But sadly for a traumatised Victoria, that wasn't the last she saw of her attacker, because Lee and his mother Wendy kept turning up in the village once they knew she was expecting a baby.

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Lee turned even nastier as he demanded money and a public apology from Victoria in return for leaving her alone... something she was almost about to do when Robert and Lee got into a fight.

Robert and Aaron leave in Emmerdale

Robert and Aaron make an emotional departure from the village next week (Picture: ITV)

After agreeing to give him £20,000 to leave for ever, Robert was escorting Lee out of the house when he stated making snide comments about the night he attacked Victoria - confirming what Robert had known all along, that he was guilty of attacking his sister in her own home.

Robert saw red and lashed out at Lee, leaving him fighting for his life in a coma... a fight he is going to lose next week.

Aaron and Robert immediately know that Robert's charge of GBH with intent could be upped to a murder charge now that Lee has died, and when Liv suggests the pair run away from the village, they agree it is their only option.

Emmerdale Explosive Autumn 2019

Robert and Aaron are set to be part of Emmerdale's explosive autumn (Picture: ITV)

But knowing it is the right thing to do doesn't make saying goodbye to their loved ones any easier, and Aaron leaves behind a devastated - and very pregnant - mum, Chas.

As the pair get into their car, ready to make a new life somewhere else, it seems this could be the beginning of the end for Robert, with actor Ryan Hawley departing the soap in the coming weeks.

But will Robert head off to start a new adventure away from Emmerdale, or will the police catch up with him and throw him into jail?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.