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Shock in Neighbours as the most unexpected Ramsay Street couple EVER is revealed

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Today sees Mark Brennan's birthday take a surprise turn as he spends the night with Roxy Willis!

Today's Neighbours sees a shock pairing revealed as straight-laced Mark Brennan gets together with Ramsay Street wild child Roxy Willis. But is this unexpected romance set to last?

With his sister now dating his ex wife, Mark Brannan's love life has never looked so bleak... but that's all about to change today when younger brother Aaron drags him out to celebrate his birthday.

When Aaron reveals that he and David have planned a night on the town for his birthday, Mark is less than impressed, preferring to spend his special day watching Dr Who on TV.

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka, Carmen Del Close

Leo felt awful when his one night stand turned out to be a con artist who stole all his money (Picture: Channel 5)

But Aaron isn't taking no for an answer, and drags Mark out to the Back Lane Bar, owned by Roxy Willis and Leo Tanaka.

The bar has only recently reopened following their bank account being cleared out by the scamming Abernethy clan, and Roxy is feeling guilty that it was her history with Vance that made them a target.

But while Aaron and David have given the pair a loan so the bar can reopen, police officer Mark has been working hard trying to get the bar money back.

Neighbours, Roxy Willis

How on earth did Mark and Roxy hook-up on Neighbours? ALL will be revealed... (Picture: Channel 5)

However, Mark's clearly not working hard enough for Roxy, because when she sees him celebrating his birthday at the bar with his siblings, she sees red and tells him that he should be spending less time partying and more time solving crime!

But while Mark tries to make Roxy see that he doesn't work 24/7 she isn't listening to any of his excuses and eventually gives him no choice but to head home when she pours a drink down the front of his trousers.

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But Leo isn't impressed with Roxy's antics, not only because she cut Mark's birthday night out short, but also because they can't afford drama like that in a bar they're struggling to keep open.

Neighbours, Mark Brennan

Mark's birthday takes a surprise turn in today's Neighbours (Picture: Channel 5)

Leo tells Roxy that she needs to go home and apologise to Mark and she reluctantly agrees. But it is only when Aaron later goes to check Mark is okay following his run in with the feisty bar owner that the shock hook up is revealed.

As Mark answers the door in his underwear, Aaron assumes it is because his trousers were wet from the drink spillage... but it turns out he's interrupted something between former rivals Mark and Roxy!

While Roxy's clearly going above and beyond with her apology, is this a one-night thing, or are the pair set to be the next big Ramsay Street romance?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5