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Shock proposal for THIS Coronation Street favourite, but will they say yes?

There's romance heading for Coronation Street when Mary Taylor gets a marriage proposal sent via Royal Mail!

It looks like Mary Taylor's love life could be looking up in Coronation Street next week when she gets a marriage proposal out of the blue.

Coronation Street fans will have seen Mary has recently fallen for builder Jan... only to find out on Friday this week that he doesn't feel the same way about her.

However, Mary doesn't have to nurse her broken heart for long, because she is about to discover she has a secret admirer.

Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor is besotted with Jan!

Mary misreads the signals with Jan this week...

The shock proposal drama starts when Norris makes a return to the cobbles next week, and Mary is thrilled to see her estranged husband... until he drops the bombshell that he's engaged to Freda Burgess.

Understandably the news doesn't go down well with Mary, and she tells Norris that she doesn't trust Freda and so won't be granting him a divorce.

But as Mary and Norris fight over whether Freda is a gold-digger or not, it seems there will soon be another reason for them to fall out.

Freda discovers some letters addressed to Mary hidden in Norris's house while she is clearing it to be put on the market.

Coronation Street: Norris Cole is back!

Look who's back!

Taking them to Rita's to see what she should do, the women are stunned when they finds the letters are from Brendan Finch... the editor of supernatural magazine The Inexplicable, who Mary had a fling with a few years back.

Coronation Street fans will know that Mary and Brendan's romance ended when Brendan's wife found out about her husband's affair, leaving Mary heartbroken.

But it seems Brendan still loves Mary and has been writing to her, declaring his undying love.

The only problem is, Norris has been hiding the letters from Mary, and she's fuming when she finds out.

Mary confronts Norris on Coronation Street

Mary is heartbroken to find Norris has been hiding Brendan's letters...

Stunned to find a marriage proposal and an engagement ring in one of the envelopes, Mary calls Brendan immediately to accept.

When he doesn't answer, she leaves a voicemail explaining about Norris's interference, and she's thrilled when he texts back and asks her to meet up.

Could this be the beginning of a new romance for Mary? Or is her latest chance at happiness about to end in tears?

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