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Sienna and Warren bury Nico's ashes in Hollyoaks

When Sienna asks Warren to go with her to bury Nico's ashes, he agrees.

An emotional Sienna decides it's time she laid her daughter to rest and makes plans to go the memorial garden. Warren is preparing to go to a match with Joel but when Sienna tells him she could really do with his support he agrees to go with her to the garden.

However, when the pair arrive to bury the urn containing Nico's ashes, they're chilled to see something truly shocking...

Sienna and Warren make their way to the memorial garden.

Warren looks on from afar as heartbroken mum Sienna clutches the urn containing her daughter's ashes.

Sienna lovingly prepares the ground.

She gently places the urn containing Nico's ashes, into the soil.

However she's chilled to see something in the distance that leaves her rattled.

Warren rushes over to comfort her as Sienna points out the cross with her own name on it!

It also has a future death date scrawled across it! Who has done such a cruel and twisted thing? Warren vows to kill whoever is behind the sinister stunt. Who's the culprit? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Tuesday 27 December.