Soap fans can’t wait for tonight’s EastEnders for THIS reason

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EastEnders fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next between Ben and Callum...

Last Thursday's EastEnders double bill ended on a cliffhanger so huge that fans have been desperately waiting all weekend for Monday to arrive.

The end of the second episode aired on Thursday 6th June Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway shared a passionate kiss after the tension has been growing between the pair all week.

Ever since Ben worked out that Callum is gay, there has been sizzling tension between the pair, and despite Callum's determination to focus on his relationship with Whitney Dean, it seems Ben is getting under his skin big time.

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But Thursday saw the pair have a heart-to-heart in the park after a night out, and before they knew what was happening, one thing soon lead to another.

But with Friday's episode cancelled thanks to the BBC showing the Women's World Cup football, fans have been forced to wait until today to watch the aftermath of the pair's  forbidden passion, and they have been on the edge of their seats...

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But tonight's EastEnders will certainly be worth waiting for when a new twist in the Ben and Callum storyline airs.

As his night with Ben plays on his mind, Callum is set to be distant with an unsuspecting Whitney, leaving her worried that he is about to put an end to their relationship.

And it seems her fears are confirmed when when she gets a text from Callum asking her to meet him at the flat to talk.

EastEnders Callum Highway and Whitney Dean

How will Whitney cope when she realises Callum has feelings for Ben? (Credit: BBC)

Whitney confides in Stacey that this seems to be the end of the line for her and Callum, and while Stacey tries to make Whitney think positively, it is clear that she's also worried about what Callum has got to say.

But when she gets home, Whitney is stunned to find Callum down on one knee and proposing!

As the fact that Callum has asked her to marry him sinks in, Whitney gives him her answer... but will she say yes?

EastEnders continues tonight.