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Summer Bay family TORN APART after shock arrival in Home and Away

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There's drama heading for Home and Away Rick Booth arrives in Summer Bay to see Dean Thompson and Mackenzie Booth...

Today's Home and Away sees Dean Thompson come face-to-face with his estranged dad Rick Booth thanks to new-found sister Mackenzie Booth's game playing.

Ever since it was revealed that Summer Bay newcomer Mackenzie is actually Dean's secret sister, she has been trying to rope him into an elaborate plan to get revenge on their dad.

But Dean has never had a relationship with his dad after he walked out on Dean and his mum years ago, and he's adamant he's not about to get involved now.

Home and Away, Rick Booth, Dean Thompson

Dean comes face-to-face with his estranged dad in today's Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5)

However it seems Mackenzie has other ideas when she calls Rick in today's Home and Away and threatens his new political career by demanding $100,000 in return for her silence over what sort of dad he really is.

But it is clear that Rick is determined to keep his 'family man' persona safe because he turns up in Summer Bay today looking for Mackenzie, only to bump straight into Dean instead.

Dean is horrified to see his dad and quickly sets him straight when Rick accuses him of being in cahoots with his sister. And it's not long before the pair of them are demanding answers from the new owner of Salt.

Home and Away, Rick Booth

Dean demands some answers from his sister (Picture: Channel 5)

Mackenzie is shocked to see her dad and makes barbed comments about a cosy family reunion, but no one sees the funny side of their drama... particularly Rick who is being blackmailed by his own daughter.

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Mackenzie tries to talk her brother round, but Dean isn't having any of it and demands to be left out of her games with their father from now on.

Home and Away, Rick Booth, Mackenzie Booth

Rick confronts daughter Mackenzie over her blackmail demands (Picture: Channel 5)

But having seen Rick for the first time in years, could Dean start to thaw towards the father he has always hated?

Or will Rick's arrival push Dean and Mackenzie closer together as the siblings bond over their dislike for their dad?

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