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Terror for THIS Coronation Street favourite as HOSTAGE DRAMA hits the cobbles

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

There's terror heading for Coronation Street next week when Geoff Metcalfe's abuse takes a sinister twist...

Poor Yasmeen Nazir finds herself traumatised in next week's Coronation Street when Geoff Metcalfe locks her up in a tiny box and heads off to the pub...

Coronation Street fans know that Geoff's abusive and controlling behaviour towards his wife is getting worse as the week's go by, but next week sees him stoop to a terrifying low when he locks a claustrophobic Yasmeen up.

Peter and Yasmeen in Coronation Street

Geoff has been mentally abusing Yasmeen for months (Picture: ITV)

The terrifying drama comes when Alya plans to take Yasmeen for a massage, but jealous Geoff lies that Emma can't be his magician's assistant and ropes Yasmeen in to helping instead.

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But Yasmeen is reluctant to help, knowing she suffers with crippling claustrophobia, but Geoff won't take no for an answer and soon Yasmeen finds herself being locked in a box as part of a magic trick Geoff is doing for little Tianna's party.

However, things take a sinister turn when the trick doesn't go to plan.

While Geoff paints a smile on for the audience, it is clear that he is seething inside, and as soon as they're home, Yasmeen bears the brunt of his anger.

Geoff is left even more angry when he discovers a video of the magic trick going wrong online, and venting his anger on his wife he cruelly points a camera phone at her and films whilst he goads her.

Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe blames Yasmeen for his failure

Geoff tricks claustrophobic Yasmeen into getting into a box for the magic trick (Picture: ITV)

But it seems it's not just Yasmeen who is on the receiving end of Geoff's anger, he also has a go at Tim later in the day, leaving his son shocked that his dad can't take a joke.

However, Geoff's revenge on Yasmeen is far from over, because later in the week he is refusing to eat the breakfast that she has made him and threatening to post videos online showing how pathetic she is.

But his cruellest moment yet comes when he lies to Yasmeen that he has had some interest in his act and that she can repay him by helping him rehearse his 'crushed in a box' trick.

Yasmeen is dreading getting back in the box, but does as her husband asks.

But the next thing she knows is he is grabbing some keys, locking her inside the box and heading out of the house, leaving her held hostage while he goes to the pub.

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen exposed Geoff Metcalfe?

Tim tries to get the truth about Geoff Metcalfe out of Yasmeen... (Picture: ITV)

Terrified and alone, Yasmeen is beside herself with fear. But when Geoff gets home, he is surprised to find her out of the box and with Tim by her side.

Geoff insists that he left the box unlocked, but Yasmeen knows that he is lying, and it is clear that even Tim has his doubts that his dad is telling the truth.

Later Yasmeen opens up to Eileen, confessing about Geoff holding her hostage in a box, and later Eileen is quizzing Brian and Cathy about Yasmeen's supposed drink problem, clearly not believing it's true.

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen exposed Geoff Metcalfe?

Tim is worried about Yasmeen, but will he work out what Geoff is up to? (Picture: ITV)

However, as Eileen starts to work out that Geoff isn't as he seems, Geoff starts to realise that he is losing his grip on Yasmeen and lies to her that his ex wife used to abuse him.

Will she believe his fibs? And will Eileen and Tim work out what is really going on behind closed doors at Yasmeen and Geoff's?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.