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TERROR in Home and Away as killer GUNMEN storm the hospital

Home and Away

There's danger lurking for our Summer Bay favourites...

The lives of multiple Home and Away favourites hang in the balance as gunmen take Summer Bay residents hostage in the Northern Districts Hospital...

Today's Home and Away sees the start of the episodes soap fans have all been waiting for as the 2019 season finale from Australia finally hits our screens in the UK.

Bella Nixon

Bella's lies are about to have catastrophic consequences (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away viewers will know that Aussie fans are a few months ahead of us, meaning the soap's big Christmas storylines are only just airing over here.

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But the wait is finally over, because the much talked about hospital siege is finally here, and today sees the bombshell storyline unfold as the armed gunmen storm Northern Districts Hospital, taking unsuspecting medical staff, patients and visitors hostage.

Mason Morgan

Mason Morgan tries to negotiate with the gunmen (Picture: Channel 5)

The days starts like any other in Summer Bay, with everyone going through their usual routine... but a sequence of events will see Bella, Mackenzie, Mason, Alex and Marilyn all end up at the hospital for various reasons.

First Bella is desperate to keep her lie that she is sick up in front of an already suspicious Colby. But she puts her life in danger trying to pretend she is sick by taking some random tablets she stole from the hospital.

Mackenzie Booth, Bella Nixon

Mackenzie and Bella find themselves in grave danger as gunmen storm the hospital (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Mackenzie is worried when she finds Bella in crippling pain and races her to the hospital, unaware that she has taken medication meant for someone else. But when the gunmen storm the hospital, Bella has barely been assessed by the doctors. Will her attention seeking leave her life in danger?

Meanwhile, Mason, Jasmine and Alex are all at the hospital as they work their shifts, but in an unlucky twist of fate, Jasmine should have done the earlier shift, only to have swapped it at the last minute to spend time with Robbo before he goes off to hunt Lance's killers.

Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney

Jasmine is also in grave danger as the hostage situation worsens (Picture: Channel 5)

Marilyn is also set to be caught up in the drama when she offers to go and look for Tori's memory book that Jasmine made about Grace.

The new mum has mislaid it and thinks it is at the hospital, prompting Marilyn to head over and look for it... unwittingly walking directly into danger.

Home and Away Rob Kipa-Williams as Ari Parata

Marilyn Palmer is also at the centre of the shocking drama unfolding at the hospital (Picture: Channel 5)

As the rest of this week plays out there's tragedy when one of the gun men shoots a beloved Home and Away favourite dead, while others are left fighting for their lives.

Who will make it out alive?

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