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TERROR in Walford as THIS EastEnders legend has MURDER on their mind tonight

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Tonight's EastEnders sees danger and destruction heading to Walford as Phil Mitchell plots to kill...

It seems EastEnders favourite Jack Branning had better start sleeping with one eye open as Phil Michell becomes convinced he is the man his wife Sharon has been having an affair with.

EastEnders fans saw Phil become convinced that Jack is the father of Sharon's unborn baby at the end of last week, and tonight's trip to Walford sees him starting to plan the ultimate revenge.

Phil Mitchell questions Sharon Mitchell in EastEnders

Phil has been suspicious about Sharon's lies for weeks (Picture: BBC)

And if there is one place you don't want to find yourself in Walford, that's on the wrong side of Phil Michell.

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Phil's vendetta against Jack steps up as he plans to kill Jack in cold blood for having an affair with Sharon, but fans will know Phil is barking up completely the wrong tree and it's Keanu who is Sharon's baby's daddy.

But after Ben found Sharon's necklace at Jack's on Friday, he took it home to Phil as confirmation that Jack and Sharon have been doing the dirty...

Keanu Taylor is stopped in his tracks in EastEnders

Phil has no idea that it is actually Keanu who has been sleeping with Sharon (Picture: BBC)

Little do they know Sharon had actually lent the necklace to best friend Linda, who accidentally left it at the Brannings after getting drunk during her wife swap with Max.

Tonight sees Phil out for revenge, and despite some words of warning from Ben that he will end up locked up for killing Jack, Phil is beyond caring.

But things get even messier when Jay mentions to Ben that Lola and Lexi are on a day out with Jack and Amy.

Jack Branning tries to impress Mel Owen with a flash car!

Jack has no idea that he is in deadly danger (Picture: BBC)

Knowing that Phil is on a mission to teach Jack a lesson, Ben panics that his daughter is about to get caught up in the drama and races to stop them spending time together.

Jack is bemused when Ben scuppers his plans for a day out with his daughter and her friend, but remains oblivious to the real reason Ben has ruined their outing.

Later Ben spots Phil in his car, clearly struggling to contain his misdirected anger at Jack.

Realising that his dad needs help, Ben delivers some home truths tonight and tells him that he will sort Jack out himself.

But while Ben thinks that Phil has got the memo, Phil doesn't trust Ben to do the job properly and while Ben enjoys the evening with Callum, little does he know his dad is plotting the ultimate revenge on Jack - and this time he is armed with a gun.

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell in EastEnders

Is Phil about to murder an innocent man? (Picture: BBC)

Will Phil really kill Jack for sleeping with Sharon before getting the full story?

Later this week the drama continues as Phil shows Jack that he is a man not to be messed with... but is Jack about to pay the ultimate price for someone else's mistakes?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.