The Masked Singer US fans react as Queen Cobra is revealed to be an iconic trio

The Masked Singer US star Queen Cobra
The Masked Singer US revealed multiple Queens as the Cobra was finally unmasked... (Image credit: FOX)

The Masked Singer US is full of surprises, and during a double elimination it was revealed that Queen Cobra was in fact three people this whole time!

Fans had been expecting a trio after Hydra was introduced, but that turned out to be magicians Penn and Teller who were just tricking us into thinking it was three. So the real trio was hiding elsewhere, under Queen Cobra's mask.

On Wednesday's (May 4) episode of The Masked Singer US, Team Bad's Queen Cobra went up against Team Good's The Prince, but ultimately the judges chose to save the magical frog costume after their performance of Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder.

That meant it was time for Queen Cobra to be unmasked, and it was revealed to be girl group En Vogue, with some fans correctly guessing that they'd been able to hear three voices. 

Queen Cobra had performed with other cobra costumes on the stage previously, but it was easy to assume they were backing dancers as the competition is known for its elaborate set design!

Taking to Twitter, fans were all talking about the Cobra costume, with some shocked that it was multiple people. Some had even managed to guess correctly that it was award-winning girl group En Vogue.

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According to Variety, En Vogue said: "It was a challenge under the costumes. As singers, we were not used to having any bit of weight on our on our head or upper bodies that would restrict our movement. For instance, stretching out the neck to hit a note or moving the upper body or shoulders. And then also inside of the mask your vision is limited too. It’s kind of like you’re looking through a mesh fabric, but it’s dim and it’s just like looking through a square shaped box."

They added: "So the peripheral vision was gone, to be able to just kind of glance down and look at your feet was gone,” she added. And then we were in high heeled booties and then in a bodysuit. We wanted to be careful and suck in our gut, which as a singer, you don’t want to suck in your gut."

Elsewhere, Space Bunny was unmasked as Shaggy, so we only have Firefly, Ringmaster and The Prince to go. But who will be crowned winner?

The Masked Singer US continues on FOX.

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