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THIS familiar face returns to EastEnders next week - only to get locked up

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Tiffany Butcher is back in Walford next week, but it soon becomes clear she is in terrible trouble...

Next week is a huge week for Tiffany Butcher as she returns to EastEnders... but it doesn't take long for her friends and family to realise that she's in more trouble than they could have ever imagined.

The last time we saw Tiffany on our screens was a few weeks ago when she told Whitney that she was moving back to Milton Keynes to get back on the straight and narrow.

But while Whitney thinks Tiff is now safety with her family, little does she know she actually ran away with gang leader Evie, who has been grooming her for months.

EastEnders Evie Steele and Tiffany Mitchell

Evie has been grooming Tiff for months

As Tiff sneaks back into Albert Square next week, her first stop is Ted Murray's flat to find some cash that Evie has hidden there.

But it doesn't take her best friend, Bernadette, long to work out that she is back, and Bernie is left stunned when she discovers the worrying truth about what Tiffany has been up to since she left the Square.

Bernie is terrified for her friend and tells Sonia and Whitney exactly what has been going on, leaving them reeling.

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher and Evie Steele

Evie and Tiffany are back on the Square... but trouble isn't far behind.

Promising Whitney and Sonia that she will help, Bernie lures Tiffany back to the Square and invites her to the Taylors'... but once there, Tiff realises she has been set up and tries to escape.

Thankfully Tiffany is finally persuaded to stay when Sonia lies and agrees to help her get her hands on some cash. But when Tiffany won't reveal what the cash is for, Sonia goes to see Jack and asks for his advice.

Sonia is desperate to help Tiffany get the support that she needs, but is left hurt when she gets home to find the teenager stealing cash from her, and even some of Dot's jewellery.

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher and Sonia Fowler

Sonia catches Tiffany stealing from Dot...

Resorting to desperate measures, Sonia locks Tiffany in a room, not knowing what else to do with her, and heads back to Jack to get some more advice.

But once they return to Dot's, they're shocked to see Tiff has escaped.

Tracking her down at Ted's flat, Sonia, Jack and Whitney are horrified by what they find when they get there.

What has happened to Tiffany? And what does she need the cash for that she is so desperately trying to steal?

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Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron