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THIS hot new romance comes under fire in today's Home and Away

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Not everyone is happy about Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan's new romance...

Today's Home and Away sees Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan's now-official romance become public knowledge. But while most people are excited by the new couple in Summer Bay, the news that Justin has moved on hits Willow Harris like a ton of bricks.

Last week Home and Away viewers saw Justin and Leah make their romance official by sharing a very public kiss in the diner.

Their friends were stunned as the pair upgraded their 'friends with benefits' arrangement to a full-on relationship, and everyone is backing them as the hottest couple in Summer Bay.

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Justin and Leah have made their romance official... (Credit: Channel 5)

But while Marilyn, Irene and the rest of the Bay are thrilled by the news, Willow is upset to hear that her former flame has moved on.

Willow hears the news from Bella Nixon during an argument about the fact she set the fire alarm off at school. But while Willow is supposed to be talking some sense into the wayward teenager on behalf of friend Colby Thorne, she is thrown when Bella drops the bombshell about Justin.

However, while Willow is struggling to get her head around the idea that Justin and Leah are an item, the happy couple are making the most of their time together, and even start discussing marriage and kids.

The pair are on cloud nine as they head out for their first official date at Salt, but things turn awkward when Justin bumps into Willow while waiting for Leah to arrive.

Home and Away, Willow Harris, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Well, this isn't awkward at all! (Credit: Channel 5)

Justin appologises for not telling Willow the news himself, but she brushes off his concerns, pretending to be okay with the whole situation.

But when Leah arrives looking a million dollars, Willow realises just how hard Justin has fallen for his new girlfriend and leaves them to enjoy their evening.

Leah and Justin discuss what happened between Justin and Willow, with the mechanic claiming that he loved Willow once, but has well and truly moved on.

But while Justin is happy in his new romance, the same can't be said for Willow.

The next day she admits to Colby that her life isn't turning out the way she'd hoped... will she get a break soon and meet the man of her dreams?

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