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Home and Away spoilers: The truth is OUT about Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan #Lustin!

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Secret lovers Leah and Justin have been rumbled by both Roo and Raffy. And it's not long before #Lustin is trending in Summer Bay!

Roo Stewart may have caught secret lovers Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan getting frisky. But she's in for a surprise when she discovers Leah and Justin are just good friends and definitely NOT Summer Bay's newest couple!

Roo can't quite get her head around the fact that Justin and Leah have just been hooking-up, and their relationship is completely romance free and strictly casual... and neither of them have any intention of it becoming anything more serious!

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

#Lustin (Picture: Channel 5)

It's not long before Justin's teenage sister Raffy Morrison and her boyfriend Ryder Jackson also rumble the pair, and Raffy starts giving Justin relationship advice about dating Leah. But after Roo nicknames them #Lustin, Leah gets increasingly annoyed that people are trying to define what's going on between her and Justin and takes to her blog to sound off about throwing the relationship rule book out the window!

Elsewhere in the Bay, Marilyn and John begin discussing adjustments they could make to the Palmer house to help son Jett, who is adjusting to life in a wheelchair after being injured in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Maggie Astoni, Ben Astoni

Ziggy has moved back in with parents Maggie and Ben following the break-up of her marriage (Picture: Channel 5)

And, after all the recent drama surrounding the break-up of Brody and Ziggy Morgan's marriage, Ziggy's mum Maggie feels guilty that the marriage may have fallen apart because they got married too soon - at a time when they thought Maggie might not survive her battle with cancer.

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