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What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Sunday 7th October

Doctor Who - Jodie Whittaker
(Image credit: BBC)

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Sunday 7th October

Doctor Who, 6.45pm, BBC1

Fasten your seatbelts, charge up your sonic screwdrivers and prepare to witness TV history, because the first female Doctor is about to emerge from the TARDIS. To be more precise, she crash- lands in Sheffield after losing her time machine, but the moment’s still a memorable one. Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord is definitely more cheerful and energetic than the last incarnation, and she soon teams up with Ryan, his old school pal, Yasmin, and his step-granddad, Graham, to hunt two fearsome monsters. If this tale – which will make you laugh, cry and hide behind the sofa – is anything to go by, the next few months could be a lot of fun. Rating: *****

The Cry, 9pm, BBC1

As Joanna and Alistair are thrust into the spotlight, it’s not just their son’s abduction they must deal with – they’re front-page news, and face scrutiny from police, press and public. Being stuck in a small town only makes it worse, as the family know the investigating officer, and Alistair’s ex appears to be the prime suspect. PR guru Alistair is also worried Joanna’s story isn’t playing out sympathetically enough – but he’s got a plan… Rating: ****

Still Open All Hours, 8.30pm, BBC1

Young Leroy is determined to bring Arkwright’s into the 21st century as this classic sitcom returns for a fifth series. He’s bought Granville (David Jason) a shiny new till, but his boss is having none of it. Hoping to scare Leroy into believing the ghost of Arkwright is unhappy with his choice of cash register, he enlists Gastric (Tim Healy) to help him make Arkwright speak from beyond the grave. Also, inspired by a new self-help book, Mr Newbold is determined to tell scary Mrs Featherstone (Stephanie Cole) what he really thinks, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t quite go to plan. Gentle nostalgic fun with a great cast. Rating: ***

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