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What’s On TV Tonight? Our Pick Of The Best Shows: Monday 3rd December

Paul Ainsworth, Martine McCutcheon and Catherine Fulvio
(Image credit: BBC)

TV Times team top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Monday 3rd December

The Best Christmas Food Ever, 3.45pm, BBC1

Already in a spin about the prospect of prepping festive food? Fret no more. Over the next two weeks, top chefs Paul Ainsworth and Catherine Fulvio are joined by a different celebrity each weekday to share their easy-to-follow Christmas recipes. First on the menu are brandy-cured salmon and rum and chocolate and marzipan truffles, while singer and actor Martine McCutcheon drops in to chat about her own plans for Christmas and learns how to make the perfect Yorkshire puddings. Guests later in the series include Christopher Biggins, Debbie McGee, Chris Bavin and Nina Wadia. Fun viewing with pots of inspiration. Rating: ****

Babies: Their Wonderful World, 9pm, BBC2

In this week’s exploration of the wonderful world of babies, paediatrician Guddi Singh and a team of scientists focus on how babies build relationships and develop the social skills they will need for the rest of their lives. To do this, the team use experiments and state-of-the-art technology to answer questions such as when do we learn empathy, when do we start to distinguish right from wrong and when do babies realises that other people think differently to them. Guddi and the team also conduct a huge survey into the best way to make our babies laugh, which is a useful skill for any stressed-out parent to have up their sleeve! Rating: ***

Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey, 9pm, (times vary), BBC1

Bake Off winner turned presenter Nadiya Hussain travels further than she ever has before in her brand new two-part series that sees her experiencing the tasty cuisine of Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. In this first episode, Nadiya learns the traditional art of making fermented fish paste in Cambodia’s famous floating villages, visits a Cambodian family sugar cane plantation and struggles to swallow silk worms, crickets and ant larvae in one of Bangkok’s newest insect restaurants. But it’s Nadiya’s warmth towards the people she meets and her enthusiasm for their food that’s most inspiring… Rating: ****

More previews tomorrow.