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Tragic Oliver could die alone in Coronation Street, Steve to warn Leanne

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby needs Steve’s help

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson says Steve wants Leanne to give up the legal battle

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson has revealed that Steve McDonald will issue a warning to Leanne Battersby that continuing her legal crusade could end with their son Oliver dying alone.

Next week in Corrie Steve will desperately try to make Leanne end the ongoing legal appeal and accept that Oliver will die.

Simon reveals that his character believes that Leanne is risking not being there when Oliver dies. And Steve feels that they need to spend Oliver’s remaining precious days with him, rather than being in a courtroom.

“Steve has decided he is not doing this any more, and he doesn’t think Leanne should, either,” says Simon.

“He has told Leanne that they need to spend what little time they have left with Oliver, because if they keep chasing this false hope, he could die while they’re in court.

“He just feels that they need to be there with Oliver, now.”

Can Leanne change Steve's mind?

Steve tells Leanne they need to be with their son

Leanne to carry on the fight in Coronation Street

However, it appears that Steve’s warning will fall on deaf ears. Next week she will meet up with lawyer Imran to talk about what action she can take to overturn the court’s decision that Oliver’s life-support machine must be switched off.

She’s gutted to learn that she will need Steve onboard to continue the legal challenge. Leanne therefore heads off to see Steve again, but he’s made up his mind.

He believes that they need to be spending their time with Oliver, rather than heading back to court again. Steve feels it’s time for Leanne to see sense and to accept that Oliver is going to die. But will Leanne listen to him at last? Or will she carry on trying to get the case back to court?

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Steve and Leanne have been going through every parent’s worst nightmare ever since their son was diagnosed with rare illness, mitochondrial disease.

Jane Danson, who plays Leanne, said recently she was proud of how the soap has handled the storyline.

“Being in a hospital for 12 hours a day, talking about a dying child, is pretty heavy, but we’ve balanced it with lighter moments. We’ve all tackled this knowing that it’s a real story that happens to real families, so we owe it to them to tell it as truthfully as we can," revealed Jane.

“Obviously, we’ve had the twisty soap elements mixed in, but in terms of a story about Oliver’s illness, we’re really proud of what we’ve been able to do during such strange times.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.