Van Der Valk on ITV – Start date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Van Der Valk

Van Der Valk, the classic 1970s crime drama, has been reimagined for a new ITV series coming soon.

Marc Warren stars as crime-fighter Piet Van Der Valk, the part played by Barry Foster in the original, which ran from 1972 until 1992.

Here's everything you need to know about ITV's new Van Der Valk...

What's ITV's new crime drama all about?

Set in Amsterdam, Van Der Valk is a revamp of the hit 1970s show, which starred Barry Foster as Dutch detective - or 'Commissaris' - Piet Van Der Valk. The drama ran for two series and returned for two more in the 1990s, but is best remembered for it's theme tune 'Eye Level', which went to No1 in the UK.

Former Hustle star Marc Warren plays the mercurial yet cynical sleuth in this revival, yet was quick to warn that the new series is a contemporary re-imagining rather than a remake and features new stories and new characters.

How many episodes of Van Der Valk are there?

The series is made up of three episodes, each of which are are two hours long.

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When does it arrive on our screens?

The first episode begins at 8pm on Sunday 26 April and is a story of politics and art, in which Piet Van Der Valk and his team investigate the mysterious deaths of two innocents with no connection to each other or to crime. It's a puzzle that leads the hard-nosed investigator into the world of politics as well as both the mainstream and avant garde art scenes and ends in a personal story of betrayal, loss and obsession...

Who's in Van Der Valk?

Marc Warren starring

Marc Warren starring

Marc Warren (Hustle, Mad Dogs) plays the lead and Maimie McCoy, who played Milady de Winter in The Musketeers plays his trusted colleague Detective Lucienne Hassell. Emma Fielding (Les Miserables) plays their boss, Chief Commissaris Julia Dahlman and Poldark star Tom York also crops up in a mysterious guest role.

The rest of Van Der Valk's team are Brad De Vries (Luke Allen-Gale), Job Cloovers (Elliot Barnes-Worrell) and Hendrik Davie (Darrell D'Silva).

Is the show subtitled?

Van Der Valk might be set in Amsterdam, but the entire cast speak English throughout the series. "We made sure we didn't cast anyone with a strong regional accent," says producer Keith Thompson. "We didn't want a Dutch character with a broad Glaswegian accent as it would have been too confusing!"

Marc Warren has played many villains, how does he feel to be playing a detective for the first time?

"I remember flying back to Britain during a break in filming and I suddenly started looking at things differently," says Marc. "You look at everybody as if they are guilty of something. I’ve become more wary. I finished filming yesterday and was on my way down the shops down when this girl was hit by a car right in front of me. I was the first one on the scene and I comforted her and talked to her until the police arrived. It was strange because you’re playing a police officer and then the real thing turns up! Luckily she was okay."

Will the show have the same theme tune?

Producers have sampled the 1970s hit to create a new mix for the series.


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