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Vic Reeves to return to Coronation Street?

vic reeves colin coronation street

The 59-year-old comedian has revealed that he would like to reprise his role of scammer Collin Callen 'now and again'.

After his successful stint on the Street last year, Vic Reeves has admitted he would be more than happy to return to the show.

Ideally, Vic, who is most well-known for being part of comic duo Reeves and Mortimer, would like to be a 'part-time resident' dipping in an out of storylines 'now and again'.

And it looks like Vic may get his wish, as he claims Corrie bosses are also on board with the idea.

'I want to go back, and they may be writing me back in,' he told The Daily Star Sunday. 'I think they're agreeable. So I'll go back and do a bit of that. When I was there last year I said I'd like to go back now and then.

However, it's doubtful that we'll be seeing wheeler dealer Colin on the cobbles full time. 'I only want to pop in and out because I've got other things to do,' Vic added.

The actor and comedian - whose real name is Jim Moir - appeared on the soap on a temporary basis at the end of last year. Audiences quickly took to his character Colin, who arrived in Weatherfield to film with Norris and Mary for a competition. Shady Colin quickly became embroiled in the lives of the other residents, almost convincing Rita to sell The Kabin, and making an enemy out of Norris.

jim moir vic reeves corrie

'The writing on Corrie is superb in a comedy sense... and so great to play,' he said. 'I love it. I love acting it. I live in a great world where you can play great characters.'

And when it comes to the other characters on the show, he's rooting for the baddies. 'At the moment my favourite character is Pat Phelan,' Vic shared.

'I never normally watch myself, I don't like doing it. But when I was on Corrie I was forced to watch it with my wife.'

Since evil Phelan has finally been given the boot, there's room for one more villain in Wetherfield. Watch this space...