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VILE threats in Neighbours cause heartbreak for THIS Ramsay Street family

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(Image credit: Kris Dollman)

Today's Neighbours sees Gail Lewis reveal her true colours...

When his ex wife Gail Lewis arrived in Ramsay Street earlier this week, Neighbours legend Paul Robinson knew that she would soon be causing trouble... and today's episode proves he was right.

Paul's assumptions that Gail's visit isn't just a social one become confirmed when she starts to take an interest in their granddaughter, Harlow Robinson.

But it soon becomes clear that Gail isn't there to simply bond with her estranged son's daughter, but actually she is there to take her away from Erinsbrough!

Neighbours, Roxy Willis, Harlow Robinson

Catfight! Roxy and Harlow were fighting... just as Gail walked in (Picture: Channel 5)

After arriving at the Willis house to catch Harlow and Roxy having a full-on food fight, Gail didn't get the best first impression of her usually straight-laced granddaughter.

However, after the pair bond today as they have breakfast at Harold's, it seems they might just get along better than they realised.

However, Gail isn't happy about Harlow living with Paul and thinks that Roxy is a bad influence.

Neighbours, Harlow Robinson, Gail Lewis

Gail has returned to Erinsborough to get to know her long-lost granddaughter Harlow (Picture: Channel 5)

She tries to get the lie of the land with Terese when the pair bump in to each other at Lassiters, and Gail soon makes it clear she isn't interested in Paul romantically, she just wants what is best for her grandchild.

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After seeing Roxy and Harlow clash yet again, Gail comes to the shocking decision that her granddaughter shouldn't be living with Paul, and that she should instead come and live with her in Tasmania.

Neighbours, Terese Willis, Gail Robinson

Gail delivered Terese with some serious threats (Picture: Channel 5)

Paul and Terese are horrified by the threats, and Paul's unlikely to let the grandchild he has only just met go so soon.

But what will Harlow decide?

Will she stay in Erinsbrough? Or will she relish the chance to escape Roxy and her manipulative ways for good?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5