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When is Emmerdale on over Christmas and New Year? Here's everything you need to know!

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ITV has revealed the times and dates for all your favourite TV shows this Christmas, and here's when you'll be able to catch up on the festive drama in Emmerdale...

Christmas is always huge in soapland, and this year is certainly no exception. So make sure you don't miss a moment with our handy guide to when Emmerdale is on over Christmas and New Year.

It was recently revealed that we would be seeing a wedding hit the dales on Christmas Day - with Jessie Grant planning a surprise wedding for an unsuspecting Marlon Dingle.

Marlon Dingle and Jessie

Jessie and Marlon will take centre stage in Emmerdale this Christmas

The seeds are sown next week when Jessie has a run in with Charity Dingle in the Woolpack and Marlon steps in to defend his girlfriend against his cousin.

Touched by his protectiveness, Jessie realises Marlon is the man for her, and after some encouragement from her son, Ellis, she decides to make Christmas 2018 one they will never forget by planning a wedding.

While the soap hasn't confirmed if the pair will actually end up tying the knot or not, actress Sandra Marvin, who plays romantic Jessie, certainly has high hopes for the pair.

She recently told us: "It would be nice to see them make a go of things, because Marlon has had so many ups and downs.

Next week, Emmerdale's fireworks party sparks a meeting between former friends Paddy and Marlon, and Paddy confides that he's scared of losing his job

Paddy and Marlon are set to have an adventure together in the new year...

"I think Jessie would slot in well into the Dingle family. She definitely has the strength of the Dingle women."

But it's not just Christmas that will be exciting in Emmerdale. Executive Producer Jane Hudson revealed that the soap would see in the New Year with a bang with some exciting new storyline plots...

"We have a proposal next year between two of our characters, and it will be very romantic. We will also be sending Paddy and Marlon off on a little adventure around February time. One of them will make quite a big discovery."

It has also been revealed that Kim Tate is making another - more permanent - return to the Dales, as well as familiar face Mandy Dingle, who will also be turning in the village over the festive season.

Here is when you can catch all the action in Emmerdale:

Christmas Eve - 7pm, ITV

Christmas Day  - 7.15pm, ITV (One hour special)

Boxing Day - 7pm, ITV

Thursday 27th December - 7pm, ITV

Friday 28th December - 7pm, ITV

New Year's Eve  - 7pm, ITV

New year's Day - 7pm, ITV (One hour special)

Wednesday 2nd January - 7pm, ITV

Thursday 3rd January - 7pm and 8pm, ITV

Friday 4th January - 7pm, ITV

In the run up to Christmas Emmerdale will air on the usual weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

Picture credits: ITV