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Who is EastEnders' Peter Beale and why has he come back to Walford?

Peter Beale
Peter Beale will make his return played by Dayle Hudson. (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Ian Beale's eldest son is back in Albert Square, but where has he been since 2015?

It has been five years since we last saw EastEnders' Peter Beale in Walford, but now he is back to face the ghosts of his past and reconnect with his family.

But while Peter might have a new face after the role was recast with Dale Hudson becoming the seventh actor to play the iconic character, what else has changed about Peter since he was last on our screens?

Peter Beale is back in Walford after five years away - here is everything you need to know about Ian Beale's eldest son...

Who is Peter Beale? 

EastEnders' Cindy Williams and Ian Beale - October 12, 1989

Peter was born to parents Cindy Williams and Ian Beale in 1993 (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC ONE)

Peter Beale is Ian and Cindy Beale's eldest son and the late Lucy Beale's twin brother. Lucy and Peter were born in December 1993, and Peter was named after Ian's father, Pete Beale, who died on the same day that Peter and Lucy were born.

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What is his relationship with his dad like? 

There's even more reason to celebrate when Peter shows a surprised Ian his very decent set of grades. But the Beales' jubilation is short-lived…

Peter and Ian's relationship has had its ups and downs (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

While Peter and Ian have always been close, the pair sometimes argued about the fact Ian treated Lucy like his golden child.

When Lucy was murdered in April 2014 Peter and his dad struggled with Lucy's death and eventually Peter moved to New Zealand when he discovered Bobby was the killer and Jane and Ian had covered the whole thing up.

What happened last time he was in Walford?

Peter Beale EastEnders

Last time he was in Walford Peter was in a relationship with Lauren Branning (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes) (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

After finding out that his half brother, Bobby, killed Lucy with a jewellery box, Peter and pregnant girlfriend Lauren Branning left Walford to start a new life together.

However seven months later heavily pregnant Lauren returned to Walford and gave birth to Peter's baby who she called Louie, named after Peter's great grandmother Lou Beale.

Eventually Lauren went back to New Zealand with Louie to be with Peter, however it wasn't not long before she came back, this time in a relationship with Peter's half brother Steven.

What are Peter's biggest storylines? 

Ben and Peter in EastEnders

Peter and Ben found their lives in danger when Phil's car plunged into a lake (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

As a child Peter was snatched by his own mother in 1997 and taken to Italy with his brother Steven after Cindy tried to kill Ian by hiring a hitman.

Eventually Ian tracked them down and brought Peter home. Peter lived with Ian permanently after Cindy died in prison while giving birth to Peter's half sister Cindy Williams.

In 2004 Peter nearly died after being caught up in a fair ground ride collapse, but thankfully he was saved by Den Watts and Dennis Rickman.

Peter found his life hanging in the balance once again after the car he was travelling in with Ian, Phil and Ben crashed into a freezing lake in 2007.

The special underwater scenes took four days to film in a specially designed stunt tank and cost over £1 million to produce.

In 2010 Peter was accused of pushing Glenda Mitchell down the stairs after he discovered his dad was having an affair with her. However, it soon transpired it was Ben who was the true culprit.

The biggest storyline that Peter was caught up in was when his twin sister Lucy was murdered, which eventually caused him to depart Walford in 2015 and he hasn't been back since... until now.

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