Why did Neighbours' Scott and Charlene leave Ramsay Street — and why are they back?

Neighbours Scott and Charlene
Charlene and Scott are coming home. (Image credit: Fremantle)

 Neighbours legends Scott and Charlene are coming home!

The news earlier in the year that Neighbours was being axed was the worst ever for Ramsay Street fans.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and show bosses have pulled out all the stops for the finale of the 37-year-old series.

We know that Scott and Charlene will be back for the last ever episode of Neighbours, which will air on Friday, July 29 at 9pm on Channel 5, which definitely softens the blow for Neighbours fans as the soap comes to an end. 

Of course, stars Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue have both had huge success since leaving Erinsborough – so we all know what they’ve been up to over the last four decades. But what about their characters Scott and Charlene? Well, let us get you up to speed…


Scott and Charlene’s wedding, July 87

It was the soap wedding to end all soap weddings. (Image credit: Freemantle)

Who are Scott and Charlene in Neighbours?

Scott Robinson was one of the original characters from the first episode of Neighbours.

He is the son of Jim Robinson and the grandson of Helen Daniels. We met Scott as a schoolboy – although for the first 18 months of the show he was played by Darius Perkins, Jason taking on the role after.

He is also brother to Paul, Lucy and the late Julie.

Charlene Mitchell was the daughter of Madge Ramsay and brother to Henry.

She first arrived in the show’s second year, a tomboy who eventually trained as a mechanic and caught the eye of Scott.

After the usual rocky road of a soap romance, the couple married in a dream ceremony, watched by enormous 20 million viewers in the UK in 1988.

Neighbours spoilers, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Neighbours legends will be reunited for the soap's final episode.   (Image credit: Fremantle)

Why did Scott and Charlene leave Ramsay Street?

1988 (1989 for UK viewers, who were a staggering 18 months behind Aussie episodes at the time) saw Charlene gifted a house by her grandad, Dan Ramsay, in faraway Brisbane.

The couple decided to move there. However, Scott was unable to go with Charlene because he was tied to his journalism job.

The pair shared an emotional farewell before Charlene drove off in her green Mini to her new life.

Scott, meanwhile, spent nine more months on Ramsay Street, visiting Charlene whenever he could.

He found himself having to fight off the affections of at least two women during that time, but stayed faithful to his wife and eventually left Erinsborough to join her.

What happened after Scott and Charlene left Neighbours?

Well, as far as we know, Scott and Charlene lived happily ever after! They have two kids, Daniel and Madison, both of whom have rocked up to Ramsay Street in recent years.

However, Scott and Charlene, while often talked about, have yet to be seen making a return… until now.

Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson in Neighbours

Family, including Paul, await back on Ramsay Street. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Why are Scott and Charlene back in Ramsay Street?

The couple still have strong connections to Ramsay Street, not least Scott’s brother Paul. So, it would be perfectly natural for them to pay a visit.

Producer Jason Herbison has promised the show’s ending will be “A celebration of the past and the present.” He has also assured viewers there will be no bloodbath or dark dramas “I would never, ever blow it [Ramsay Street] up,” he insisted.

In recent first-look images of Kylie and Jason back in character, Kylie can be seen wearing a denim jumpsuit, which seems to be a fitting upgrade from the mechanic's overalls she sported back in the day. 

Jason also looks pleased to be reprising his role as Scott, and the pair can be seen hugging on set in front of a 'for sale' sign in the garden of a Ramsay Street house. 

Have they got their eye on buying the old Ramsay house, which is now FOR SALE? Whatever happens, it looks like Scott and Charlene will continue to live happily ever after, even when the Ramsay Street soap is no more. 

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45 pm and 6 pm on Channel 5. You can also stream on My5.

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