Casualty spoilers: Max Cristie causes BIG trouble for Dylan Keogh

New Casualty doctor Max Cristie gets to work in Holby ED.
New Casualty doctor Max Cristie gets to work in Holby ED. Is he the angel he seems? (Image credit: BBC)

New doctor Max Cristie makes his debut this week in Casualty episode Crash Landing (BBC One, 8.40pm, Saturday, February 18, 2023 — see our TV Guide for listings). Elsewhere, Robyn Miller takes a life-changing risk, and Stevie Nash falls into Marcus Fidel’s love trap…

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Max Cristie — first impressions… trouble and troubled!

Max Cristie makes his presence felt in Casualty this week when he arrives at Holby ED and insists on getting stuck in — despite not working at the hospital!

Locum doctor Max (Ex-EastEnders star Nigel Harman) is on his way to Holby’s other hospital, St James, when the train he’s traveling in is derailed. Among the chaos at the scene Max spots a young girl who is in danger of dying and performs a risky procedure to save her life. 

As soon as paramedics Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) and Sah Brockner (Arin Smethurst) arrive, Max insists on staying with the gravely ill child until she can be reunited with her mother. 

Max at the train crash.

Driven doctor Max is set on a collision course with Dylan.  (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan shaken AND stirred

Meanwhile, at the ED, Dylan Keogh is packing up his desk following his demotion from the clinical lead position. Watching on, hospital manager Marcus Fidel (Adam Sina) is dripping with scorn as he informs Dylan (William Beck) that his replacement has yet to be found. 

Their antagonism is forced into the background when news of the train disaster reaches the ED. It’s all hands on deck as casualties flood the short-staffed. Among them is Max, and Dylan is shocked when he claps eyes on him.

It turns out Dylan knows Max from their time as medical students and there’s no love lost between them! Max intentionally goads Dylan at every opportunity. And Dylan is both rattled and enraged by his peer’s unexpected appearance under stressful circumstances.

Shocked Dylan is unhappy to see Max.

Who's the boss? Max has his sights on Dylan's old job. (Image credit: BBC)

Disgruntled Dylan rejects Max’s forceful offers of help, but is overruled by Marcus, who gives the maverick new medic permission to get stuck in…

They’re forced to work together when the injured train driver’s life is on the line. Dylan puts up with Max, given the situation, but is clearly relieved when the shift is over, believing it’s a one-off, random encounter. 

Max, however, has news for Dylan… He gleefully reveals that Marcus has offered him the role as acting clinical lead!

Delighted Max has some news for Dylan.

Maxed out. Dylan is in for some unwelcome news. (Image credit: BBC)

Faith no more?

During Max’s impromptu shift in Holby ED, he’s paired with advanced clinical practitioner nurse, Faith Cadogan, and initially makes a great first impression. 

Together they treat a number of the passengers injured in the train crash, but the patient that causes them most concern is Fiona Lybeck, 16. She’s been travelling with her football team and her shoulder is dislocated. But that's not their primary worry - there’s something Fiona (The Worst Witch’s Amelia Baldock) is hiding.

Max looks like he's interested in Faith.

The eyes have it. Max is impressed by Faith. Does she share the sentiment? (Image credit: BBC)

As details come to light Max and Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) suspect Fiona has been groomed by her football coach Joe Hutchin (Doctors’ Ian Weichardt).

While Faith is unsure how to proceed, Max takes matters into his own hands - revealing a chilling and potentially violent side to his personality!

Will Faith question his character as she finds out more about Max?

Faith suspects Fiona is vulnerable.

Faith suspects Fiona is vulnerable. (Image credit: BBC)

It’s hard to believe that it’s only a couple of weeks since doctor Ethan Hardy noped out of Holby ED. Here, George Rainsford reveals he has a new role as a detective

Also in Casualty this week…

Stevie Nash is in fighting form at the start of this week’s shift — as evidenced by her catty comments about Faith. But her confidence is knocked when Marcus relegates her to minors, while others deal with the major incident. 

Insult is added to injury when Marcus hires a randomer off the street!

When tragedy strikes with one of her patients, Stevie (Elinor Lawless) is distraught and seeks comfort from — you guessed it — Marcus!

Has Marcus got Stevie exactly where he wants her?

Marcus has designs on Stevie.

A friend in misdeed. Stevie turns to Marcus (Boo, hiss!) in her hour of need. (Image credit: BBC)

Speaking of relationships… Paul Pegg has something he wants to ask Robyn Miller. 

Robyn (Amanda Henderson) suspects Paul (Paul Popplewell) is about to pop the question and does everything she can to avoid being alone with him for too long. It turns out that she’s got the wrong end of the proposal, however, and has some serious thinking to do about their future together!

Meanwhile, Paul grapples with his new role in the ED. Can he help worried Michael Fowlett (Neil Grainger, who played Phil Berry in the 2001 Crossroads reboot) come to terms with unfamiliar and daunting responsibilities?

Paul and Robyn look happy - how long will it last?

Decent proposal. Paul's come along way since he catfished Charlie Fairhead! (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) is impressed with Max’s medical style. 

He’s amassing himself quite a fan club! But there's a lot more to Max than meets the eye...

Casualty episode Crash Landing airs on Saturday, February 18 2023 at 8.40pm on BBC One. It will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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