Casualty spoilers: Stevie Nash’s affair with firefighter Rich heats up!

Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) in Casualty.
Stevie Nash makes a rash decision — is it one Siobhan will live to regret? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Lust is in the air for Stevie Nash in Casualty episode After the Flood, when she takes the decision to have an affair with married firefighter Rich Walker!

The third instalment of the 12-part chapter Storm Damage (BBC One, 8.20pm, Saturday 13 July 2024 — See our TV Guide for listings) picks up a day after the events of last week with the hardworking medics of Holby City exhausted after pulling intense continual shifts. 

Instead of winding down, however, Cam Mickelthwaite is terrified when confronted with a face from his and Jamie Cleveland’s past, Jodie Whyte reconsiders her future, Jacob Masters is robbed, and Nicole Piper gets devastating news. 

Full Casualty spoilers for After the Flood below…

Stevie Nash starts a sizzling affair

The temperature rises for Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) when she makes a fateful decision in Casualty this week.

Viewers are aware that Stevie’s love interest, firefighter Rich Walker (Michael Keogh), is married to Holby ED clinical lead Siobhan McKenzie (Melanie Hill) — and this week consultant Stevie Nash unwittingly gets closer to her boss’s hubby!

Lustful sparks flew last month when Stevie met Rich at a car crash. Since then, he’s been constantly texting her to meet up!

Now, after a tough shift and some encouragement from an oblivious Siobhan, Stevie meets Rich at a bar. The chemistry between them is palpable and they share a passionate kiss!

“Rich knows that Siobhan’s a nurse and Stevie’s a doctor, so you could put his actions down to stupidity or brazenness!” says ex-Emmerdale star Michael Keogh in an exclusive interview with What To Watch. “I don’t think he does it deliberately. He just can't help who he has feelings for!”

Full interview with Michael Keogh

We smell trouble ahead…

Michael Keogh as firefighter Rich Walker.

Rich is playing with fire.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Also in Casualty this week…

In an unusual step to the casual onlooker, Stevie turns to Dylan Keogh (William Beck) for relationship advice. The casual onlooker in this instance is psych nurse Sophia Peters (Kellie Shirley), who scoffs at the notion of Dylan being in a relationship. 

Is all her negging covering growing feelings for the brilliant doctor?

Kellie as Sophia standing by a hospital curtain that is the same colour as her uniform.

What is Sophia's beef with Dylan? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) provides an update on Iain Dean’s condition (Michael Stevenson) following his violent assault at the hands of an aggressive gang — is there something she’s not telling her friends and colleagues?

Faith seems on edge when asked questions about Iain's recovery...

Faith seems on edge when asked questions about Iain's recovery... (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Nicole Piper (Sammy Dobson) is confident that her surrogacy for Rosie Cornwall (Nicola Chegwin) will continue as planned, despite radio silence from her friend…. That is until she opens her post and is faced with a shocking ultimatum.

Nicole is confronted with a heartbreaking demand.

Nicole is confronted with a heartbreaking demand.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Jodie Whyte (Anna Chell) is literally left holding the baby on her day off when Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) receives a call from Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) asking him to check up on his house. 

It turns out that Jacob has been robbed — and the news is about to get a whole lot worse. His missing son, Blake, is the person who burgled him.

Why is Blake so desperate that he’d steal from his own father? It’s a question that troubles Jacob deeply and leaves him both furious and frightened. 

Shocked Jacob receives a call he'll never forget in Casualty.

Trouble comes calling for Jacob.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Meanwhile, after a day of babysitting baby Carter, Jodie panics at the thought of a life of domesticity and takes action to shake up her circumstances, which could have painful repercussions for Teddy…

Elsewhere, the mystery surrounding Cam Mickelthwaite (Barney Walsh) and Jamie Cleveland’s (Ryan Hawley) shared past, develops shockingly…

Ryan J Mackay is introduced as mysterious Bobby Morton in Casualty episode After the Flood.

Ryan J Mackay is introduced as mysterious Bobby Morton in Casualty episode After the Flood. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

When Bobby Morton (Ryan J Mackay, Shetland) arrives at Holby ED Jamie turns to Siobhan and reveals that he has a restraining order against the young man, dating back from his days as a youth group volunteer… The youth group that Cam attended as a young teenager. 

Later, when Cam spots Bobby at the ED, he panics, and the details of Bobby’s accusations come to light, leaving viewers questioning who is telling the truth — Bobby or Jamie?

Victim or complicit. Cam's storyline takes a dark and unexpected twist...

Victim or complicit. This storyline takes a dark and unexpected twist... (Image credit: BBC Studios)

If you’re affected by any of this week’s Casualty storylines, please know you are not alone. Support and information is available from BBC Action Line

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