Casualty Storm Damage: new episodes, star cast, trailer, spoilers and everything we know

Casualty Storm Damage promo picture with Faith, Cam, Siobhan and Iain imposed against a stormy background.
Casualty outing Storm Damage puts Faith, Cam, Siobhan and Iain under pressure... (Image credit: BBC/ALISTAIR HEAP/MATT BURLEM)

Casualty’s newest chapter has been announced, and viewers may need a bigger umbrella to weather all 12 new episodes of stormy drama on the horizon!

Here’s everything you need to know about Storm Damage…

Casualty Storm Damage — 6th in the box set format

Storm Damage is set to be one of the most shocking in BBC medical drama’s history.

It marks the sixth Casualty box set in the new multi-episode format, which kicked off back in January 2023 with In Plain Sight. This was followed by Welcome to the Warzone, Driving Force, A History of Violence, and Breaking Point - which came to a conclusion last week. All previous boxsets are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

Storm Damage — picking up after Breaking Point 

Breaking Point closed with The Last Post episode, where negligent clinical lead Patrick Onley (played to great effect by Jamie Glover) was ousted from Holby Hospital, doctor Rash Masum (a heartbreaking performance from Neet Mohan) was saved by the ED team after tragically planning to take his life, and consultant Dylan Keogh (portrayed by the ever-brilliant William Beck) received the results of his autism tests, which he choose to keep to himself. 

And viewers were left with questions. The most pressing being:

* Could Patrick return? (A: Never say never!)

* Who would take over as clinical lead? (A: We can reveal, it's Siobhan McKenzie, played by Melanie Hill.) 

* Will Rash recover and return to work? (A: Recovery takes time and support. If you're affected by this storyline, help is available).

* What effect would these events have on junior doctor Tariq Hussein (Manpreet Bachu) and paramedic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson), who found Rash unconscious on his bedroom floor and battled to save him when his heart stopped? (A: Substantial) 

* And what was going to happen with junior doctor Nicole Piper’s (Sammy Dobson) surrogacy storyline? (A: There's a difficult journey ahead for the aspiring consultant) 

Storm Damage spoilers beyond this point

Storm Damage — spoilers

Not only will all these cliffhangers be explored in the upcoming box set, new high pressure stories will be unleashed!

BBC have provided us with the below gale-force spoilers about what lies ahead for the Holby community, as “secrets and truths rise to the surface…”  

Here are seven stories to watch out for:

Cam Mickelthwaite — secret past

Band 5 nurse, Cam Mickelthwaite (Barney Walsh) and clinical nurse manager, Siobhan McKenzie (Melanie Hill) are caught in a city-wide flash-flood in the opening episode of Storm Damage. 

As they face their most traumatic shift yet, Cam is haunted in the aftermath and left questioning whether the chaos of the ED is for him. But, whatever he decides, if he wants to face his future, he has no choice but to confront his past when it unexpectedly wades into town…

Cam looking scared and worried.

Cam is thrown into the deep end in Storm Damage.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Stevie Nash — dangerous liaisons

Consultant Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) catches the eye of firefighter Rich (Michael Keogh - more below) and sparks fly. But will a shocking connection burn them both? 

Stevie Nash dives into trouble.

Stevie Nash dives into trouble. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Iain Dean — family matters

Newly reconciled with Advanced Clinical Practitioner Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell), paramedic Iain (Michael Stevenson) finds his footing as a father-figure. But, just as he and the youngest of Faith’s three children, Luka (Tom Mulheron) are growing closer, the newly-knit family come under threat. How far will Iain go to protect them and what they have? 

Iain bolts just as Faith starts opening up to him.

Is Iain headed for heartbreak? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Dylan Keogh — friendly zone

With Patrick Onley out of the picture, senior consultant Dylan Keogh (William Beck) thrives in the workplace. That is until new Psych Liaison Nurse, Sophia Peters, (Kellie Shirley - more below) enters stage left and the mismatched pair quickly clash! That said, hope springs eternal that Dylan will discover a warm new friendship rather than another chilly foe…

Will Dylan be given a new lease of life after Patrick's downfall?

Will Dylan be given a new lease of life after Patrick's downfall? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Jacob Masters — home truths

Paramedic Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) and his boss Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) are now living together and have formed a support network, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling to juggle 999 calls and nursery drop-offs as they care for Jacob’s grandson, Carter. They’re put under even more pressure as Jacob intensifies the search for Carter’s father and his son, Blake. Will they be able to balance the personal and professional? 

Jan and Jacob sitting at the back of an ambulance looking grave.

There's trouble on the home front for Jan and Jacob... (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Rash Masum and Tariq Hussein — challenges ahead

Doctor Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) acclimates to being back in the ED after a period off work, with his junior doctor cousin Tariq Hussein (Manpreet Bachu) by his side. But as Tariq steps up to be Rash’s rock, will anyone look out for the younger medic before he crumbles, as the pressures of life begin to chip away at him?

Rash and Tariq looking uncomfortable with each other in Casualty.

Rash and Tariq have a long and difficult road ahead.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Siobhan McKenzie — tested

Siobhan is promoted to the position of Holby ED clinical lead, a role which has left a highway of broken medics in its rearview mirror. Yet, could anyone be better suited?

While the role will test the senior medic, Siobhan is undoubtedly equal to it, it's unlikely to leave her unscathed...

Siobhan goes into shock when she realises what she's done!

Clinical lead can be a lonely place... (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Storm Damage — new Casualty cast 

Michael Keogh — Rich Walker

Michael Keogh is introduced as firefighter Rich - who may or may not be keeping a secret. Will Stevie’s moral barometer prove faulty as she gets to know Mr McMysteryMan, Rich?

Michael Keogh made his TV debut in Cutting It in 2002. Since then he’s starred in Coronation Street, Waterloo Road, Emmerdale, Doctors and Peaky Blinders.

Michael Keogh as firefighter Rich Walker.

Flirtation flickers when Stevie works alongside firefighter Rich Walker.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Kellie Shirley — Sophia Peters

Kellie Shirley joins the cast in Storm Damage as Psych Liaison Nurse Sophia Peters, who is set to be a regular presence on the wards of Holby Hospital - she may also be a regular presence in Dylan’s thoughts, as it sounds like she’s going to get under his skin!

Check out our interview with Kellie for more!

Kellie Shirley is best known for her roles in EastEnders and In the Long Run. Her other credits include The Office, Call the Midwife, The Dumping Ground, Death in Paradise and Biff & Chip

First look: Kellie Shirley as psych nurse Sophia Peters.

First look: Kellie Shirley as psych nurse Sophia Peters.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Ryan Hawley — Jamie Cleveland 

We’ve been given the green light to reveal that Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley makes his presence felt as enigmatic new character, Jamie Cleveland, who shares a past with Cam. The nurse is shocked to see him at Holby ED and quickly learns that Jamie has been newly appointed to the Holby Hospital board. 

Speaking to WTW Barney Walsh revealed: “Jamie is someone who was a kind-of mentor to Cam growing up, and it’s very interesting for Cam to see him again. We will allude to Cam’s past and explore the reasons why he’s such a shy, timid character as well as his struggles as a Band 5 Nurse.” The full interview is available here 

Ryan Hawley is probably best known for his role as Robert Sugden in Emmerdale. His other credits include the 2008 Survivors reboot, Father Brown, Silent Witness and All Creatures Great and Small

First look: Ryan Hawley as Jamie Cleveland in Casualty.

First look: Ryan Hawley as Jamie Cleveland in Casualty.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

We will update here as information on new cast and characters is released. 

Casualty — Storm Damage — when and where can I watch

The release date for Casualty chapter Storm Damage is forecast for 15 June 2024. Due to live coverage of the Men’s Euro 2024 the medical drama will move between its usual home on BBC1 and BBC2 during the competition.

Never miss an episode of Casualty with our special guide to every episode airing over this summer

Is there a trailer for Storm Damage?

Yes, the Storm Damage trailer has landed, and it's hair-raising! 

Storm Damage — episode guide

Sinking Ships - Day 1 —  Saturday, 15 June, 2024 at 8.20pm on BBC2

Symbolism is out in force when Casualty’s new 12-parter Storm Damage kicks off. 

As a ferocious storm rages through Holby, Siobhan and Cam attempt to save a baby injured by a windblown shop sign. The fallout is harrowing and leaves Cam wrestling with a cyclone of emotions - intensified by a blast from his past in the form of new board member, Jamie (Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley). 

Elsewhere, Stevie’s shaken up by flirty fireman Rich (Peaky Blinders' Michael Keogh) during a high pressure rescue situation, while an arctic atmosphere develops between Dylan and psych nurse Sophia (EastEnders’ Kellie Shirley). Forecast: Gusty drama and electric performances. 

Guest stars: Elin Lloyd Harries, Paddy Navin, Steve Garti, Sarah Mhlanga, Finley Glasgow and Amy Chung.

Full spoilers for Sinking Ships - Day 1

Storm Damage gets off to a high octane start with Casualty episode Sinking Ships - Day 1.

Storm Damage gets off to a high octane start with Casualty episode Sinking Ships - Day 1. (Image credit: BBC PUBLIC SERVICE)

Sinking Ships - Day 2 —  Saturday, 22 June, 2024 at 8.35pm on BBC1

In terms of tense, action-packed stunts loaded with jeopardy, the folks at Casualty continue to set the bar and raise it. 

Sinking Ships - Day 2 picks up one day on from last week’s emotionally rasping instalment, with the red weather warning continuing unabated and Holby at the mercy of catastrophic flooding and ruthless looters. Exhausted paramedic Iain Dean pulls a double shift, that may well be his last, as he dives into treacherous, rising waters to rescue a father trapped in a submerging car… Spare a thought for actor Michael Stevenson, as it looks like Iain’s scenes were shot in the dead of winter! 

At Holby ED, clinical lead Siobhan McKenzie and consultant Stevie Nash struggle to keep the department afloat. Meanwhile, has consultant Dylan Keogh caught feelings for a certain co-worker?

This episode airs on BBC1. 

Full spoilers for Sinking Ships - Day 2

Guest stars: Mersey Moore, Paddy Wallace, Gwion Glyn, Riad Richie, James Reynolds, Laura Hanna and Ben Walton-Jones. Tom Mulheron reprises his recurring role as Faith's son, Luka Malinovksy.

Iain Dean is drenched in torrential rain.

Iain Dean dives head first into danger in Casualty episode Storm Damage - Day 2. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

There is no episode of Casualty on Saturday 29 June 2024, due to live coverage of the Men's Euros 2024 on BBC1 and Glastonbury 2024 on BBC2.

Casualty is not airing on Saturday 06 July 2024 due to live Wimbledon 2024 coverage on both BBC1 and BBC2 from 11am until 10pm. See our TV Guide for more details. 

After the Flood —  Saturday, 13 July, 2024 at 8.20pm on BBC1

Fans who love the drama that comes with fictional infidelity and all its improbabilities, are in for a treat tonight. When the show last aired two weeks ago, it was revealed that Stevie’s new flame, Rich is married to Siobhan. Remember how sparks flew when Stevie first met the fireman at a car crash (how's that for a metaphor?)... Well, tonight, after some encouragement from Siobhan (yes, really!), she meets up with her boss’s hubby and one thing leads to another. As of yet neither woman knows about the other, but it’s clear that Rich is playing with fire…

Cam Mickelthwaite (Barney Walsh) is haunted by his past, as it catches up with him while he is at his most vulnerable. Junior doctor Nicole Piper (Sammy Dobson) is faced with an impossible decision. Paramedic Jacob Masters’ fears for his son Blake and grandson Carter intensify after shock news. And the Stevie-Rich-Siobhan affair triangle heats up significantly!

This episode airs on BBC1. 

Full spoilers for After the Flood

Guest stars: Karlina Grace-Paseda, Marlo Rye, Eileen Nicholas, Ryan J Mackay, Niamh Denyer, Joshua McCord, Nikki Levitt and Nigel Fyfe.

Ghosts —  Saturday, 20 July, 2024 at 8.25pm on BBC1

There are no flies on Holby ED boss Siobhan and when an emotional Cam breaks down and decides to hand in his resignation, she starts to question why. Although unsure of the answer, the senior medic instantly links it to the recent recruitment of hospital board member Jamie and shocking accusations from his past. Armed with nothing but buzzing suspicions, can Siobhan get to the dark truth of the matter? 

Elsewhere, there are devastating scenes - and a powerhouse performance from Charles Venn - after the police ask Jacob to identify a body matching his missing son’s description… while juggling work and caring for baby Carter. 

Elsewhere, a jarring confrontation leads to a conflicted and confused nurse Cam Mickelthwaite unearthing deeply buried emotions. Meanwhile  consultant Dylan Keogh struggles with devastating news. Will anyone support him through his pain?

Full spoilers for Ghosts

Guest stars: Carrie Crowley, Carla Langley, Ryan J Mackay, Nicholas Woodeson, Jeanie Hackman, Hannah Fritsch, Jay Saighal, Hemi Yeroham and James Ifan.

Jacob Masters faced a harrowing day from hell in Casualty episode Ghosts.

Jacob Masters faces the day from hell in Casualty episode Ghosts.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Duped —  Saturday, 27 July, 2024 at 8.10pm on BBC2

It's back to BBC Two for Casualty as the Paris Olympics 2024 get underway. In the aptly names Duped, doctor Stevie Nash plays a dangerous game with her mystery man Rich Walker — also known to viewers as Siobhan McKenzie's husband! Is Stevie about to discover his true identity?

Elsewhere, paramedic Iain Dean returns to work after his assault ordeal, but soon reaches boiling point and crosses a line! Elsewhere, junior doctor Nicole Piper makes the ultimate sacrifice...

More episode details and spoilers for Storm Damage coming soon. 

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