‘Casualty’ spoilers: Tina Mollett’s twisted behaviour exposed when Leslie Ash guest stars

Tina Mollett deep in thought in Casualty. What is she up to?
Plot twist! Tina Mollett reveals a deeply disturbing and deceitful side in Casualty. (Image credit: BBC)

Tina Mollett breaks patient confidentiality

Tina Mollett plays a dangerous game in the latest episode of Casualty (BBC1 - see our TV Guide for listings) when she interferes in patients' lives.

Tina has been quickly accepted into the tight-knit ED team, not least because she’s dating senior nurse manager Jacob Masters. Recently, however, Casualty fans have begun questioning the agency nurse’s manipulative behaviour...

This week in Casualty doctor Rash Masum is paired with Tina (Adele James) and is shocked by her behaviour.

Alarm bells start ringing for Rash (Neet Mohan) when Tina violates a patient’s confidentiality by snooping on their social media accounts. 

Later, when treating former Holby City CEO Vanessa Lytton (guest star Leslie Ash - see below for more on this story) Tina suspects Vanessa is the victim of domestic abuse. 

In a bid to prove she’s right Tina repeatedly oversteps boundaries, leaving Rash playing catch up. As the shift progresses and even more determined to confirm her suspicions Tina then goes on to reveal that she was in an abusive relationship.  

At first Rash is sympathetic until Tina makes a careless confession that leaves him deeply disturbed…

Will he report Tina?

Charlie caught in catfishing scandal

Casualty stalwart Charlie Fairhead is shaken when is his identity is stolen.

Casualty stalwart Charlie Fairhead is shaken when is his identity is stolen. (Image credit: BBC)

Now here’s a sentence we never expected to write… Holby ED’s guiding light, Charlie Fairhead, finds himself embroiled in a catfishing scandal!

When an angry patient accuses Charlie (Derek Thompson) of having a fling with his wife, the senior nurse is devastated to discover that someone has been using his identity on an online dating app. 

Shaken Charlie suspects the fraudster is someone he knows and turns to Tina, who advises him there’s no point in reporting it…

Dare we think it... could Tina be the catfishing culprit?

Uh-oh! Dylan Keogh’s in trouble 

Dylan Keogh and Charlie Fairhead swap war stories in Casualty

Dylan Keogh quotes from Shakespeare to explain his predicament to Charlie. (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan Keogh is summoned for a meeting by the hospital CEO for slacking in his acting clinical lead duties. 

The dour doctor has some choice typically-Dylan opinions on being forced into the role of clinical lead. Is he ready to resign?

Vanessa Lytton makes a shock return

Vanessa Lytton makes a shock appearance in Casualty

Speaking of trouble... Vanessa Lytton makes a shock appearance in Casualty! (Image credit: BBC)

On the subject of hospital CEOs, Charlie Fairhead's jaw drops when he realises that former hospital chief executive of Holby City, Vanessa Lytton, has been admitted to the ED! 

Vanessa’s fearsome reputation precedes her (Dylan has more to say on this!) so the other medics nominate Charlie to treat her. Something he’s less than thrilled about…

Charlie’s surprised when a chastened Vanessa apologises for all the trouble she caused while CEO and credits her new husband Mike (Coronation Street star Bill Ward) for helping turn her life around. Vanessa also reveals that her health has deteriorated and she’s now almost entirely dependent on Mike.

Vanessa’s admitted with a suspected fracture, which she says she got after falling down the stairs. But events take a dramatic twist when nurse Tina (yep, her again!) notices Vanessa’s arms are covered in scratches and bruises. Suspecting domestic violence Tina forces the issue, leading to sinister revelations, an angry confrontation, and a shock confession!

What is Vanessa hiding?

Also in this episode of Casualty…

Faith supports Lev in Casualty

Lev is touched when Faith stands by him after a traumatic day involving blackmail and saving his enemy Sam. (Image credit: BBC)

A traumatic encounter between Lev and Faith sees the confused paramedic finally facing up to the truth about his sexuality. But the sudden appearance of his macho Russian father Anton (guest star Alexei Sayle) sees Lev begging Faith to help him hide the truth… Will she agree? 

MORE: Casualty unveils blackmail horror for Lev Malinovsky and introduces his father!

Elsewhere, Charlie reveals that former clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp, has moved to New York and taken a job over there. 

Does this mean Connie (Amanda Mealing) may never return to Holby?

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