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Coronation Street spoilers: Aadi Alahan proposes to Kelly!

Kelly is smitten with Aadi Alahan
Kelly is smitten with Aadi Alahan. (Image credit: ITV)

Aadi Alahan and Kelly kiss before he takes a big step in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Kelly explains to Aadi Alahan that as part of the qualifying process they have to take part in a Mr & Mrs quiz. As they pair ask each other probing questions, they each admit that they’ve never had a sexual relationship and Aadi leans in for a kiss. Having enjoyed their first sexual encounter, Aadi presents Kelly with his Mum’s engagement ring and she’s smitten.

As Stu heads out of the prison gates, he’s shocked to find Yasmeen waiting for him and back in Victoria Garden, she tells him that she believes he’s innocent. When she asserts that he must let Bridget know his intentions, Stu reluctantly agrees, how will Bridget react? Stu returns to the street to be met with hostility from Dev and Bernie. But, Yasmeen comes to his rescue and tells him that he’s moving back in with her at No.6.

Stu is met with a frosty reception

Stu is met with a frosty reception. (Image credit: ITV)

Sarah puts pressure on Carla to hire Stephen on a consultancy basis. In the Rovers, Carla voices her concerns about Stephen to Ken and Peter, but Ken reckons his intentions are honourable so Carla agrees that she’ll hire him to do some consultancy work. At No.8, Stephen urges Sarah to take out a loan and expand the business herself.

Carla is suspicious of Stephen's motives

Carla is suspicious of Stephen's motives. (Image credit: ITV)

Billy and Summer head to the bistro for Gemma and Paul’s birthday celebration, but when Summer senses Aaron staring at her, he assures her he wasn’t checking up on her. Later, Summer resolves to make it up to Aaron for ruining their holiday. 

Bernie hopes Dev can give her more shifts at the kebab shop but he’s already sorted the rota. Later, she arrives at the bistro having missed the meal. Realising her Mum is short of money, Gemma assures her Linda has transferred the cash for Joseph’s school uniform. Bernie asks Daisy if there are any shifts going at the Rovers, but when Daisy says no, Dev offers her a cleaning job and she accepts immediately, utterly thrilled.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8.00pm.

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