‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Abi Franklin loses it with Sam!

A frustrated Abi rails at Sam.
A frustrated Abi rails at Sam. (Image credit: ITV)

In tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings) Kevin is horrified when a desperate Abi Franklin shouts at Sam.

Abi Franklin suggests to Nick and Leanne that Sam might like to come round for tea with Jack. But will her plan backfire when her desperation turns to despair?

Kevin is concerned by Abi's erratic behaviour.

Kevin is concerned by Abi's erratic behaviour. (Image credit: ITV)

Zeedan listens to a voicemail from Hashim, and in a bid to get them out of the way so that he can launder some cash through the till, Zeedan tells Yasmeen, Alya and Ryan he’s booked them into a spa for the afternoon as a treat.

Aggie tears a strip off Grace for treating them like unpaid babysitters. 

Aggie is furious with Grace's attitude.

Aggie is furious with Grace's attitude. (Image credit: itv)

Elsewhere, the dealer returns to offer Kelly some spice but Jacob quickly sends him packing. Stu appears and recognising Jacob, orders him to sling his hook. Later, Stu calls in the cafe and begs Nina to give Kelly a break, but she remains unforgiving. As Stu heads off, a desperate Kelly phones the dealer and orders some spice! 

Stu later finds Kelly semi-conscious on a bench and realises with horror that she’s given in and been smoking drugs. As he sets off to find the dealer and exact revenge, Kelly staggers off in the opposite direction. As she stumbles along, she passes some drunk school kids who decide to follow her...

Daisy receives some children’s clothes in the post and explains to Jenny that the company saw her pictures of Bertie and assumed she’s an influencer. Daisy presents Daniel with the designer clothes for Bertie and confesses to him that the clothes were freebies. Daniel’s clearly disappointed.

Coronation Street continues at 8.30pm.

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