‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Adam Barlow is arrested!

Will Adam Barlow give up his fight against Lydia when the police turn up?
Will Adam Barlow give up his fight against Lydia when the police turn up? (Image credit: ITV)

Lydia sets Adam Barlow up and then calls the police in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Adam Barlow assures Sarah that Lydia’s telling a pack of lies. At the flat, Sarah demands dates and times from Lydia of when she supposedly had sex with Adam. When Sarah suggests it’s all lies, Lydia shows her threatening texts, making out they’re from Adam. Sarah points out they’re from a different number but when Lydia suggests she calls the number, Sarah’s shocked to find a phone ringing in Adam’s drawer. 

Adam arrives to find Sarah dumping his stuff outside so he later desperately calls at Lydia’s house asking to talk. Spotting a couple of passers-by, Lydia plays the victim and shouts at Adam to leave her alone, making out she’s scared. 

Lydia eventually opens the door but as Adam steps inside, he’s horrified to see she’s trashed her house in another elaborate bid to set him up. As he pulls out his phone to call the police, Lydia tells him it’s too late as they’re already here. Is Adam in more trouble? 

Lydia lies to the police in her bid to destroy Adam's life.

Lydia lies to the police in her bid to destroy Adam's life. (Image credit: ITV)

At No.13, Abi tearfully packs up her things and, alone in Victoria Garden, she swigs vodka and scrolls through pictures of Seb. Toyah finds Abi knocking back vodka and urges her to go to a support group and talk about her troubles. Abi agrees, but only to shut her up. 

Abi later introduces Toyah to Dean, making out he’s her sponsor who’s agreed to help her through her addiction. Toyah’s pleased but as Dean hands Abi a bag of drugs, they share a laugh about gullible Toyah. Is someone watching Abi fall back into her old habits?

Abi fools Toyah into thinking she's clean.

Abi fools Toyah into thinking she's clean. (Image credit: ITV)

Amy admits to Emma that she’s still seeing Jacob and begs her not to tell anyone her secret. Meanwhile, Emma promises Faye that she won’t see Jon again, but when her phone beeps, inviting her for a drink, she’s torn about what to do. 

Jon later finds Emma watching film clips on her phone and when he suggests they have a night in with a movie and popcorn, Emma’s tempted. Will Amy and Emma agree to keep both their relationships under wraps?

Emma struggles with her 'secret' relationship.

Emma struggles with her 'secret' relationship. (Image credit: ITV)

Having read his chess book cover to cover, Sam challenges Roy to another game. Roy wins at chess and Sam offers him a reluctant handshake, declaring himself useless.

Also, Bernie and Linda accept that the one thing they have in common is their love for Joseph. 

Coronation Street continues on Monday.

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