Coronation Street spoilers: Damon Hay threatens Jacob

Jacob regrets his deal with Damon Hay
Jacob regrets his deal with Damon Hay (Image credit: ITV)

Damon Hay ups the stakes in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Damon Hay offers Jacob a full time job at the bistro on double the money he’s getting at the factory. Jacob hands his notice in to Carla who warns him he’s making a mistake. Damon tells Nick if he interferes he will tell Leanne everything but when Damon tells Jacob he needs him to take delivery of a package, Jacob starts to regret his decision.

Elsewhere, Maria, Alya, Yasmeen, Daryan, Stu and Gary set up the stalls at the Peace Market. Having been told by Griff and the gang that the Speed Daal van is now at the bottom of the canal, Max is concerned when he sees it back on Victoria Street. 

When Lauren takes a call from her dad, warning her to steer well away from the market today, a worried Max reckons they should call the police and warn people. Will they be in time to save it from disaster? 

Max worries when Lauren gets a phone call

Max worries when Lauren gets a phone call.  (Image credit: ITV)

After a successful operation, Spider regains consciousness and Toyah assures him that she’ll learn to put up with the dangers of his job as she can’t live without him.

Gemma and Bernie head to the school to confront Joseph’s teacher, Mrs York. When she is totally dismissive of Joseph’s BSL skills, a furious Gemma and Bernie stage a sit-in in a classroom, demanding that the school teach BSL to all their pupils. Michael is horrified to find himself locked in with them and explains that he only called in to discuss Glory’s start date at nursery. 

Back on the street, news of the protest reaches Chesney as the residents tune in to Gemma’s live stream. Mrs York locks the classroom door and announces that Gemma, Bernie and Michael can stay in there all night.  

Stephen watches in despair as Jenny returns from the hospital with Teddy in tow and helps him into the pub — are his secrets about to be revealed? 

Also, Brian enters the café to find Roy listening to classical music on his new smartphone and Roy reluctantly admits that it does have its uses.

Coronation Street continues on Sunday at 8pm.

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