Coronation Street spoilers: Nina Lucas dead after drowning horror?

Can Brian save Nina Lucas?
Can Brian save Nina Lucas? (Image credit: ITV)

Nina Lucas is left fighting for her life in tonight's Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Roy arranges to meet Nina Lucas, Brian and Asha at the bat group meeting in the woods after dropping Evelyn at a friend’s house. But when Brian and Nina get a message saying the meeting has been cancelled they realise they have no way of getting in touch with Roy. 

Meanwhile, Roy arrives at the woods but drops his thermos in the river. Nina, Asha and Brian spot his car and head off towards the river to look for him but Nina is shocked when she spots Roy’s thermos in the water. 

Terrified, she makes her way down the bank but she slips, bangs her head and rolls into the river. Asha and Brian watch in panic and as Brian drags her limp body from the river, a fearful Asha calls for an ambulance. Will she survive?

Brian finds Nina Lucas in the river

Brian finds Nina Lucas in the river. (Image credit: ITV)

Billy is shocked when Summer reveals she is back with Aaron and he is fully behind her surrogacy plans. At Mike and Esther’s house, Summer answers the door to the bailiffs and she’s horrified as they start gathering up Mike and Esther’s things. When the couple return, Summer demands to know what is going on. 

Over tea, Billy tells Summer that he’d like to accompany her to her appointment with the surrogacy consultant as he intends to support her in any way he can.

Summer wants answers from Mike and Esther

Summer wants answers from Mike and Esther. (Image credit: ITV)

Lily sits with her new earpods in, watching one of Max’s far right propaganda videos, before showing the propaganda video to Eliza and promising to send her a link. Later, Stu calls round with Eliza’s laptop and shows a shocked David and Shona the video.

Jenny and Stephen visit Teddy in hospital to find him still unconscious, but when he suddenly opens his eyes, Stephen’s mounting panic is evident. Will he remember his conversation with Stephen before the accident? 

Teddy regains consciousness

Teddy regains consciousness. (Image credit: ITV)

When Gemma confides in Bernie that she’d like to get married, Bernie advises her to take charge and start organising the wedding as Chesney will be thrilled. But is he right? 

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 8pm.

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