Coronation Street spoilers: Paul Foreman makes a horrendous mistake

Paul Foreman is touched by the fundraising event.
Paul Foreman is touched by the fundraising event. (Image credit: ITV)

Paul Foreman makes a terrible mistake as the chilli competition gets underway at the bistro in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street at 8.00pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

The chilli-eating competition takes place in the bistro and as the crowd roar Dev, Chesney and Shona on, Gemma reminds everyone to give generously. 

Paul’s touched by their generosity when Bernie counts the money and hands him £800. Back at the flat, Billy and Bernie argue over religion versus crystals and, asserting that their constant interference isn’t helpful, Paul storms out. 

Having escaped to a hotel bar, Paul spots Zac, a blast from his past, and offers to buy him a drink… but will he regret his decision?

Paul offers to buy Zac a drink.

Paul offers to buy Zac a drink. (Image credit: ITV)

With Carla demanding a meeting with Seagull Ltd, Stephen begs his ex Gabrielle to masquerade as a consultant from his fake company, promising to make it worth her while. 

He watches as Carla attends the zoom call with Seagull and as Gabrielle gives a sterling performance, it’s clear Carla’s taken in. But when Sarah returns for her laptop, Stephen’s thrown into panic. Is the game up?

Has Sarah worked out what Stephen is up to?

Has Sarah worked out what Stephen is up to? (Image credit: ITV)

Ryan confides in Carla that he knows it’s time he returned to work, but he dreads being in the public eye. However, when Daisy tries to make conversation, a bitter Ryan makes out he’s already back at the bistro and she can forget about him. 

Later, he calls at the bistro and nervously tells Leanne he’d like to return to work. Will she agree?

Is Ryan really ready to go back to work?

Is Ryan really ready to go back to work? (Image credit: ITV)

When Chesney explains they can’t afford for him to attend summer club with his mates, Joseph’s gutted and Gemma says she’ll ask Jenny for more shifts.

Also, Yasmeen and Roy get fully immersed in the Rovers quiz, but Stu feels left out and leaves in a grump.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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