Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen Reid turns on the charm…

Stephen Reid massages Sarah's ego.
Stephen Reid massages Sarah's ego. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen Reid impresses Sarah but Carla and David remain suspicious in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

David is less than impressed with Stephen Reid’s new role in the family but Sarah is impressed by his business advice and tries to convince Carla that they would be better off buying their silk from him. 

Carla’s unimpressed convinced that working with family never ends well. Sarah’s left frustrated but is flattered when Stephen tells her that someone with her experience shouldn't be taking orders from Carla.

Fiz, Phill and Tyrone navigate their way around their relationships post the wedding. Did Fiz do the right thing when she made her fateful decision on who to pick? And will the loser in love vow revenge or leave the cobbles to mend their broken heart?

As Kelly sees Aadi out of the barbers, a wad of cash falls out of her bag and Aadi’s shocked. She explains that the cash belonged to her dad and she’s trying to return it to the people he ripped off over the years. But will she listen when Aadi urges her to seek Gary’s advice? Is Kelly putting herself in huge danger mixing with faces from her dad's dodgy past? 

Kelly accidentally flashes her cash.

Kelly accidentally flashes her cash. (Image credit: ITV)

Sally’s touched to find Tim has prepared a special birthday breakfast for her and suggests they spend the day relaxing in the hot tub. 

The pair frolic in the hot tub and when Tim announces that he can feel a stirring down below, Sally reckons it’s the best birthday surprise she could wish for. Is their marriage back on track? Or is Sally's birthday about to be a disaster? 

Tim has a surprise for Sally.

Tim has a surprise for Sally. (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Stu approaches Speed Daal, but he’s put out to witness Stephen flirting with Yasmeen and decides to tell her the truth about being drunk at work. How will she react?

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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