Coronation Street spoilers: Todd Grimshaw does the UNTHINKABLE!

Will Laurence respond when Todd Grimshaw kisses him?
Will Laurence respond when Todd Grimshaw kisses him? (Image credit: ITV)

Todd Grimshaw makes a pass at Laurence in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (7.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sean, Dylan and Laurence return from their night in the Peaks having enjoyed themselves. Alone, Laurence tells Todd Grimshaw that it’s clear he doesn’t like him and would welcome a chance to change his mind. Todd thaws over a bottle of wine and when Laurence goes to leave Todd leans in for a kiss. Will Laurence respond? 

Stephen squirms as Sarah tells him her business venture is all set to go once he provides the fundings. Bigging it up to Elaine, he suggests rather than lending him the money, she should invest directly through Sarah. Revealing she knows all about their plans, Carla has it out with Sarah. Furious, Sarah drags Michael out, announcing they both resign. But when Stephen confesses he can’t find the cash, she’s gutted. 

Later, Elaine says she’d like to invest but her house sale has fallen through. With little choice, Sarah and Michael return to the factory and beg Carla to give them their jobs back. Will she agree? 

Meanwhile, Stephen masks his inner turmoil when Jenny reveals that Teddy called from Canada and has some new information regarding Leo.

Sarah is replaced at the factory

Sarah is replaced at the factory. (Image credit: ITV)

Max is happy to help when Griff asks him to update some of their videos. Meanwhile, Toyah warns a shaken David that Griff is a dangerous man and he needs to get Max out of his grasp.

When Summer calls at Mike and Esther’s house and hands them an envelope containing her wages, they relent and invite her in.

Roy apologises to Nina for causing her to miss her cinema trip and she points out if he’d use the mobile phone she got him, he could have called her.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 8pm.

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