Coronation Street spoilers: Toyah Habeeb confesses to murder!

Toyah Habeeb can't deal with her guilt
Toyah Habeeb can't deal with her guilt. (Image credit: ITV)

Toyah Habeeb blurts out to Spider that she intentionally killed Imran in this rescheduled episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Abi asks Toyah Habeeb if she’d like to have Alfie for a couple of hours ahead of her trial ands later an emotional Toyah cries over Alfie’s pram, telling him how sorry she is for taking his Daddy away. 

Back at home Leanne walks in to hear Toyah confessing to Spider that she lied to the police, crashed the car on purpose and intended to kill Imran! As both Spider and Leanne reel, what will they do with Toyah’s confession?

Can Leanne persuade Toyah to keep quiet?

Can Leanne persuade Toyah to keep quiet? (Image credit: ITV)

With Kelly by his side, Aadi blurts out the news to Dev that they’re planning to get married in Gretna Green. In shock, Dev rails at Aadi for wanting to chain himself to someone like Kelly. 

In a bid to win Dev round and prove how serious they are about one another, the pair decide to throw an engagement party. Gary advises Dev to accept Aadi and Kelly’s marriage or he could risk losing his son altogether. Will Dev listen? 

Aadi's wedding plans send Dev spiralling

Aadi's wedding plans send Dev spiralling. (Image credit: ITV)

Eileen complains to George about his overbearing sister and wonders how long she’s planning to stay. George promises to have a word with Glenda but when Jenny offers her a job at the Rovers, Eileen worries that she’s here to stay!

Aggie masks her inner turmoil as James tells her that a life without football doesn’t bear thinking about and he can’t wait to get back on the pitch. 

George tries to play peacemaker

George tries to play peacemaker. (Image credit: ITV)

Billy urges Sean to have his birthday party at Speed Daal, pointing out that he was homeless once and a show of support for Stu wouldn’t go amiss. With Sean’s party booked, Alya and Zeedan hope the tide is turning.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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