‘Coronation Street’ spoilers: Will Rita give Sharon Bentley the money to start a new life?

Rita says goodbye to Sharon Bentley
Rita says goodbye to Sharon Bentley - but she be stopped from leaving? (Image credit: ITV)

In tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street on Friday 25th June (see our TV Guide for listings) Sharon Bentley packs her bag and tells Rita that after giving evidence she fears for her life. 

Rita Sullivan offers to give her the £10k to help her start afresh. But will the look in Sharon’s eyes cause Rita to change her mind? And will Harvey be found guilty in court?

With a potential buyer due, Daisy suggests to Jenny that she take out a loan and they buy the pub together. Determined to put things right, Sean asks Daniel to write a news article exposing Double Glammy for the rip-off it is. So when Daisy returns from the bank, announcing she’s secured a loan off the back of her Double Glammy earnings, she’s incandescent. 

As Jenny tells Johnny to cancel the viewing as she and Daisy are buying the pub, Daisy begs Daniel not to submit his article.

Coronation Street spoilers Daisy buys the pub.

Daisy secures a loan and announces that she is buying the pub. (Image credit: ITV)

As Fiz continues to mock Tyrone about buying a motorbike and his desperation to appear young, he reveals he’s booked them a mediation session. But when Fiz catches sight of his new ‘T&A’ tattoo, she reckons it’s just another example of his mid-life crisis. 

Back home, Tyrone finds a police officer at the door who informs him that Kirsty’s dead. In shock Tyrone turns to Fiz as they prepare to break the news to Ruby. Meanwhile, Alina has some shocking news of her own…

A gutted Emma tells Steve how she saw Curtis with another woman and has missed her chance. Can Steve get to the bottom of who Curtis’ mystery woman really is?

Coronation Street airs on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV this week.

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