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'Doctors' spoilers: Hospital EMERGENCY for Bear Sylvester!

Doctors spoilers, Bear Sylvester
Bear Sylvester fears the worst after his mum Makeda collapses on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Bear Sylvester (played by Dex Lee) is in a spin after a blazing row with his mum Makeda (ex-EastEnders star Angela Wynter) on Doctors (1.45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

On yesteday's episode of the BBC daytime drama, Makeda dropped the bombshell that she intends to use the proceeds from selling her house to help out Bear's sister Juliet... and NOT him!

It was a bit of a slap in the face to hear that Juliet, who lives in Vancouver, is still the favourite child despite everything Bear has been doing to help Makeda lately.

Bear tells his colleague Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) about the argument, who encourages Bear to try and patch things up with Makeda.

So Bear heads over to Makeda's house and lets himself in after he gets no response to his calls.

But there's a SHOCK in store when Bear finds his mum collapsed and unconscious...

Doctors spoilers, Makeda Sylvester

WHY did Bear's mum Makeda suddenly collapse on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

Makeda is rushed to St Phil's where she lies in a critical condition.

Dr Christine Deng (Kirsten Foster) cannot yet tell Bear what is wrong with Makeda, which frustrates him and feeds his suspicion that he caused her collapse after their argument.

After an SOS call from Bear, Sid races to the hospital and finds his buddy overcome with emotion outside...

Doctors spoilers, Karen Hollins, Rob Hollins

Karen is heartbroken when Rob thinks they should separate on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) was relieved when she finally convinced her husband Rob (Chris Walker) to move back home so they can get their marriage back on track.

Unfortunately, things just aren't the same between the couple.

Rob has been forced to confront some home truths about life with Karen during his therapy sessions.

Karen is left reeling after Rob reveals he's been feeling lost and suggests it's time they separate as a couple...

Could this really be the beginning of the end for Karen and Rob's marriage?

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One.