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'Doctors' spoilers: Sid Vere is MENACED by a teenage gang...

Doctors spoilers, Sid Vere
Things take a dangerous turn for Sid Vere on today's episode of Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Sid Vere (played by Ashley Rice) takes centre stage on today's standalone episode of Doctors (1.45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

The GP/first responder is assigned by his colleague Jenny Carver (Elexi Walker) to transport some rare blood for a transplant operation during a Rapid Recovery shift.

The patient has a rare blood group and St Phil's Hospital don't have the right blood available.

But what should be a simple job transporting blood from one hospital to another takes a dangerous turn when Sid encounters a troublesome teenage gang...

Doctors spoilers, Jenny Carver

Jenny assigns Sid the task of transplanting some rare blood on Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

As Sid passes through a housing estate he finds a teenager, Steve lying in the road after an "accident".

The clock is ticking as Sid needs to get the blood to its destination.

However, Sid decides to get out to investigate the situation.

But he quickly discovers it's all a set-up as another teenager steals his vehicle (with the blood in the back) and the "victim" quickly recovers and runs off!

It's a race against time as Sid chases the teenage gang through a housing estate and attempts to get his vehicle and the rare blood back in time to save the life of the waiting transplant patient...

But the gang have other ideas...

Doctors spoilers, Kim Chambers, Darren Craven

Sid is menanced by teenage gang members Kim and Darren on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Kim Chambers (Emily Belcher), Darren Craven (Theo Johnson) and Charlie Jones (Dumo Mkweli) decide they are going to hold the blood for ransom unless Sid pays up!

Sid finds himself menaced by the gang, who march him to an ATM so he can withdraw cash to pay 'em.

Unfortunately, Sid discovers his wallet is missing and he has no way of paying the ransom.

Convinced they can get their money another way, the teenage gang do a runner and take the blood with them...

WHAT can Sid do now to make sure he gets the blood to the hospital on time and the transplant organ doesn't go to waste?

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One