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'Doctors' spoilers: WHY is Jimmi Clay left TRAUMATISED?

Doctors spoilers, Jimmi Clay
Something TERRIBLE happens that leaves Jimmi Clay in a terrible state on today's episode of Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Jimmi Clay (played by Adrian Lewis Morgan) takes centre stage on today's episode of Doctors (1.45pm - see our TV Guide for listings), when a chance decision has SHOCK consequences for a close neighbour...

Emma Reid (Dido Miles) is getting ready for a date when surgery colleague Jimmi unexpectedly turns-up at her house in a distressed state!

Emma tries to get Jimmi to calm down so she can find out what has happened.

But Jimmi appears to be traumatised and is on the verge of breaking down...

Doctors spoilers, Emma Reid

Emma tries to find out WHAT has left Jimmi so shaken on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Through episode flashbacks, the events of Jimmi's day are revealed...

At first, the GP is looking forward to some quality me-time during his day off work.

That is until cheeky Emma asks him if he'll cover her Forensic Medical Examiner shift at the police station because she's got a date!

Kind-hearted Jimmi reluctantly agrees to switch shifts with Emma.

But she's gonna owe him big time!

Meanwhile, trained counsellor Jimmi offers his professional support after he discovers that his neighbour Lou Myers (Rachel Flynn) has broken-up with her boyfriend Ross Jenkins (Chris Hoskins).

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Ross has quite got the message.

Things get tense when Ross turns-up on the doorstep of Lou's house...

Doctors spoilers, Lou Myers, Ross Jenkins

Things take a scary turn for Jimmi's neighbour Lou when her possessive ex-boyfriend Ross won't leave her alone on today's episode of Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Ross appeals to Lou and pleads that he can change his ways and doesn't want their relationship to end.

But Lou's mind is made-up.

She has had enough and is standing by her decision.

Lou tries to calm the situation and send Ross on his way.

Unfortunately, Ross still won't accept Lou's decision to break-up with him.

The situation takes a threatening turn as an angry Ross refuses to leave Lou alone.

Afraid for her safety, Lou flees to neighbour Jimmi's house for help.

But in a case of terrible timing, Jimmi has already left home to start the FME shift at the police station...

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One.