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'Doctors' spoilers: Will Zara Carmichael help Karen in CRISIS?

Doctors spoilers, Zara Carmichael, Karen Hollins
Zara is alarmed when Karen breaks down and reveals a startling SECRET on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Zara Carmichael (played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) does not suffer fools on Doctors (1.45pm - see our TV Guide for full listings).

So on today's episode of the BBC daytime drama, surgery boss Zara is not amused when a dental emergency means receptionist Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) can't be her assistant for the big AGM funding meeting.

So the task falls to receptionist Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) to fill the sudden job vacancy!

Karen is still feeling totally down-in-the-dumps about her marriage troubles with husband Rob (Chris Walker).

So she's in no mood to have bossy Zara bark orders at her!

Karen is fed-up before the meeting even starts.

To make matters worse, neither of the women can remember where Zara parked her car.

Things don't get off to a good start and naturally Zara takes her frustrations out on Karen.

It's all too much for Karen who suddenly breaks down and reveals the startling truth about her and Rob...

Doctors spoilers, Rob Hollins

Is it all over between Karen and her husband Rob on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

Emma Reid (Dido Miles) is called to the scene after a young woman, Morgan Scott (Cora Kirk) is raped.

Earlier that day, Morgan tells her dad Tony (Craig Conway) about a coffee date she has with a fella called Jeremy Hyde (Alastair Kirton).

At the cafe, Jeremy is charming and friendly.

But things take a traumatic turn when Morgan is later discovered, having been the victim of sexual assault...

Doctors spoilers, Morgan Scott, Sergeant Jacquie Lent

An innocent date takes a nightmare turn for Morgan on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Sergeant Jacquie Lent (Caroline Freestone) recognises Jeremy as a serial sexual offender and he is arrested.

Morgan's dad Tony soon arrives on the scene.

He is devastated over what has happened to his daughter, and struggles to hide his grief from Morgan.

When Emma meets Morgan at the SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre), the GP finds Morgan doubting herself and questioning why she allowed herself to become Jeremy Hyde's latest victim.

Can Emma convince Morgan to testify against her rapist in court?

Doctors spoilers, Jeremy Hyde

A serial sex offender strikes on today's episode of Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One.