EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon declares his love for Kat!

Alfie Moon performs in the panto
Alfie Moon takes the stage hoping to win his princess! (Image credit: BBC)

Alfie Moon seizes the moment with Kat Slater in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Alfie Moon is getting ready for the Albert Square panto but he's feeling in a glum mood. His big plan to win back Kat Slater by wooing her as Prince Carlo to her Snow White seemed to have fallen through.

After Honey Mitchell did a stellar audition for the role, panto co-producer Sharon Watts insisted that she took the leading spot.

When Honey suddenly falls ill it seems that Alfie's Christmas wish might come true after all, as he convinces Kat to step in.

Preparations for the performance are NOT going smoothly! Felix Baker and Kim Fox are fighting over who gets to do a solo and Harvey Monroe is complaining his costume is too tight.

Alfie bats away any concerns from his cast, as he's too focused on trying to get Kat to rehearse Prince Carlo's kiss with Snow White.

Oh, yes he is!

Kat wants none of Alfie's nonsense and refuses to rehearse the kiss scene. As they all take to the stage, the script goes by the wayside and Kat and Alfie have to ad lib.

For the finale, Alfie delivers his big speech but it's clear from his words how in love with Kat he still is. 

He tenderly leans in for a kiss but will Kat finally give him the Christmas miracle he's been hoping for?

Linda Henry started playing Shirley Carter in 2006.

Shirley Carter is on the case with Janine Butcher! (Image credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher is feeling miserable about her hubby-to-be Mick Slater's decision to leave the Queen Vic and start over somewhere new. He reassures Janine, insisting that it will be the best decision for them and the baby.

When Mick's mum Shirley Carter overhears Janine making arrangements on the phone with a mysterious man called Steve, she gets SUPER suspicious.

Janine realises she needs to tell her daughter Scarlett Butcher about the planned move and she breaks the news to her. 

When Scarlett worries that Mick will discover Janine's terrible lie about what really happened with Linda Carter's car accident, Janine reminds her that he must never find out.

Shirley listens to them talking but how much has she heard?

Ricky Butcher and Sam Mitchell have a talk

Ricky Butcher talks things through with Sam Mitchell. (Image credit: BBC)

Ricky Butcher has a bone to pick with his ex Sam Mitchell, accusing her of looking down on him. Fed up with her constant snipes he snaps back that she's a loser in love.

The barb hits home and an upset Sam storms out of The Vic! 

Guilty, Ricky tracks her down at the cafe and apologises for hurting her feelings. A miserable Sam forgives Ricky but she concedes that he's right...

Also, Keeble warns Kat that she wants Phil Mitchell back in Walford or she'll bring him home herself - in handcuffs!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.