EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon makes a SHOCKING move!

Alfie Moon opens up the Queen Vic
Alfie Moon holds court behind the bar of the Queen Vic! (Image credit: BBC)

Alfie Moon takes it upon himself to help out Linda Carter in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Alfie Moon has been struggling to make ends meet since his return to Albert Square. A brief stint helping run the Queen Vic with Linda Carter while Mick Carter was away was his most lucrative hustle.

Since Mick Carter's tragic drowning accident over the Christmas period, his ex-wife and co-licensee Linda Carter has been at her lowest ebb, swamped with uncontrollable grief.

The childhood sweethearts had only just reunited after several years of dramas, including Mick's very unwise marriage to the manipulative Janine Butcher.

After finding out that Linda's friend Denise Fox had a set of keys of the Vic, Alfie decided he wanted to 'help' Linda get back on track by reopening the pub!

Roping in Patrick Trueman to help him swipe the keys, Alfie let himself in and got things back up and running on his own. 

When Denise realises the pub is open she's horrified. Storming in, she finds Alfie behind the bar pulling pints for a room full of happy punters.

 Denise is even more incensed when Mitch Baker lets slip that Patrick has been celebrating the return of the Square's favourite pub by handing out free drinks! 

A fuming Denise demands that Patrick get every to pay up, while wondering what Linda is going to say when she finds out...

Whitney Dean has her baby scan

Whitney Dean and Chelsea Fox are delighted to see the baby! (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean is still hurting that Zack Hudson has let her down again over their baby, not knowing what he's really going through. 

Zack received a shock visit from a former acquaintance with bad health news, but has kept it a secret from everyone.

Determined not to let Zack put a downer on things, Whitney is grateful when her housemates Chelsea Fox, Felix Baker and Finlay Baker accompany her to the scan, along with nurse Sonia Fowler.

After a talking to from Martin Fowler about stepping up and being a dad, a sad Zack watches them go, knowing that he needs to face the truth and admit to Whitney what's up with him.

At the hospital, a nervous Whitney prepares for her scan. Fortunately the baby is healthy and with Chelsea by her side, she is overwhelmed to see it on the scan for the first time.

Ravi Gulati wants revenge on Denise Fox

Ravi Gulati takes revenge on Denise Fox! (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati is feeling VERY put out that Denise Fox has turned down his advances. He doesn't believe for one moment her claim that she's a 'happily married woman', but Ravi's ploy to tempt Denise with a kiss hasn't had the desired effect.

In a fit of jealousy, it seems, he's decided to charm her daughter Chelsea Fox instead! 

When Chelsea is lumbered trying to sort a heavy delivery at the club, Ravi plays the gentleman to help her with the boxes.

Completely won over, she invites him for a thank you drink at the Queen Vic, hoping for a little more since their flirty exchange the previous evening.

The date is a great success and Chelsea has NO idea that he was wooing her mum only a few days previously! After he walks her home, they agree to get together for another drink.

When Denise finds out that Ravi has taken Chelsea out on a date she's fuming. She accuses Ravi of using Chelsea as a way to get at her. 

Ravi insists that he doesn't need her permission and he'll date whoever he likes!

Also, Ben Mitchell is upset that Jay Brown hasn't asked him to be his Best Man, not realising Jay assumes Ben knows he's going to be the man for the job.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on the later day of Thursday at 7:30 pm, due to FA Cup football on BBC One on Wednesday.