'EastEnders' spoilers: Chelsea Fox makes a shock discovery!

Chelsea Fox in the back of a van in EastEnders
Chelsea Fox wants a new designer outfit for a cut down price. (Image credit: BBC)

Chelsea Fox is determined to get her own way with Gray Atkins in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (at the later time of 9:10 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Chelsea Fox is up to more tricks with Gray Atkins, persuading him to skive off work to spend time with her. She takes Gray to meet up with an associate of hers, who has a van full of dresses, telling Gray that she needs a new outfit for her court appearance.

It doesn't take long for Gray to work out that the dresses - literally 'off the back of a van' - are stolen! But Chelsea manages to sweet talk Gray into not getting cross and soon they're getting passionate in the back of his car!

While they're having fun in the car, however, Chelsea finds an earring... A horrified Gray realises that it belongs to his victim, the missing Tina Carter...

Billy Mitchell goes for a job interview in EastEnders

Billy Mitchell is desperate for a job but will he be let down? (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell head to the cafe for some lunch and are puzzled when Billy Mitchell seems to be struggling to find the money to pay for a coffee.

When Bobby Beale mentions to Kat that Dana Monroe's dad Harvey Monroe used to be a cabbie, new cab office owner Kat says she wants him to come for an interview.

Billy overhears the conversation and he turns up at the cab office to ask for a job. After Kat interviews him, Billy's pal Mitch Baker says he's sure to get the gig. When Harvey turns up, however, he manages to charm Kat into giving him the job instead of Billy.

Billy is devastated to have missed out and when Harvey realises he offers to split the job with him. Kat, however, intervenes and tells Harvey she'll sort things. As a dejected Billy leaves the cab office, Kat watches him go out, sure that something's not right with Billy.

Lola Pearce in EastEnders

Lola Pearce is desperate to help out boyfriend Isaac Baptiste. (Image credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce is still fretting over boyfriend Isaac Pearce being sectioned. When Ben Mitchell makes a snarky comment about Isaac she's left upset. Isaac's mum, Sheree Trueman, is still convinced that Lola was partly responsible for Isaac coming off his schizophrenia meds and she's not keen on Lola's determination to dedicate herself to his recovery. 

Sheree shares her frustration over Lola with husband Patrick Trueman, pointing out that she's upset that Isaac's business is being gossiped about. Patrick, however, insists that Lola has been doing a great job, leaving Sheree silently fuming.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at at 9:05 pm and will air just after 9:00 pm for the duration of the Olympics. All of this week's episodes will be available to watch on iPlayer from Monday 26 July.

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