'EastEnders' spoilers: Gray Atkins fears Tina's body will be found!

Gray Atkins is concerned in EastEnders
Gray Atkins is alarmed to see the cordoned off Argee Bhajee. (Image credit: BBC)

Gray Atkins discovers that builders are about to start poking around in the abandoned Argee Bhajee in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8:00 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Gray Atkins is horrified when he realises the Argee Bhajee has been cordoned off following the gas explosion. He's hiding a sinister secret inside the abandoned restaurant... It's where he dumped Tina Carter's body just over a year ago!

When Eve Unwin spots Gray looking rattled she quizzes him and he covers that it's a big day at the hospital as he's being allowed to finally hold his premature son Jordan.

A bit later, a shifty Gray heads back to the Argee Bhajee and questions one of the builders. He poses as an insurance broker and claims he needs to assess the damage to the property. The builder, cheerfully tells Gray that everything is going to be stripped out and Gray masks his panic.

Will Tina's body be found?

Whitney Dean makes a decision in EastEnders

Whitney Dean makes a decision to go to the police about Gray Atkins. (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean is in the cafe when she overhears Chelsea Atkins telling mum Denise Fox that Gray isn't answering any of her calls. It's clear Chelsea is in a bad way, as when Denise asks her about taking her meds, Chelsea furiously rips up her prescription in front of her.

After Gray fails to turn up for the moment when they're being allowed to hold Jordan for the first time, Chelsea is frustrated. But soon her delight at being able to hold her son is all she can think of.

Chelsea later shows Gray some snaps of her and the baby but instead of being happy that Jordan's improving, Gray goes off at Chelsea, accusing her of showing off with the photos.

Devastated by Gray's cruel words, Chelsea is more broken than ever. When Whitney sees her she's shocked at the state she's in and decides enough is enough – she needs to report Gray to the police for killing his first wife Chantelle Atkins. She can't wait any longer for Kheerat Panesar to get enough evidence on Gray to ensure he's put away for good.

Jean Slater bribes Honey Mitchell in EastEnders

Jean Slater tries to bribe Honey Mitchell with the sweet stuff! (Image credit: BBC)

Jean Slater wants to ensure that daughter Stacey Slater gets a good start on her stall in the market. After pestering Phil Mitchell for business advice, he humours her by telling her that resorting to bribery always works!

Meanwhile, in the market Billy Mitchell finds himself the subject of much teasing now that his ex Honey Mitchell is market inspector. Honey warns Billy that she's not going to be doing him any favours just because he's the father of her kids!

Just at that moment, Jean sidles up to Honey with a very delicious cake and says she's hoping Honey can get Stacey a good spot on the market! Honey is affronted by Jean's assumption she'll accept a bribe and tells her where to take her cake. Stacey is furious with Jean. Has she made life more difficult for her?

Also, Zack Hudson leaves Jada a message and Ollie Carter is missing his mum.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

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