EastEnders spoilers: Is Kat Slater in danger?

Kat Slater is concerned after being targeted
Kat Slater is rattled after a shocking attack. (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater is left terrified when she's targeted in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kat Slater is left shaken after a smoke bomb is thrown into her house. Although terrified, she suspects she knows who it's a warning from. Trying to stay calm about the threat, her fears are only compounded when she gets an ominous package.

Kat meets up with Stacey Slater in the cafe and they're both relieved when the package turns out to be a false alarm. But all the recent upsets have left Kat severely rattled and she tells Stacey she doesn't want to live like this, that's not why she wants to be with Phil Mitchell.

When Denise Fox overhears them talking her anger is provoked, as Mitchell business has been causing trouble for her and Jack Branning. She tells Kat and Stacey to sort things with Sam Mitchell as she wants her to leave her family alone.

Ben Mitchell can see how Kat is struggling to cope and he taunts her, telling her she's not up to being a Mitchell. Infuriated by Ben's words, when Sam rocks up at the house to say she's moving in, Kat throws her out and tells her she's head of the family now!

Harvey Monroe confronts Jean Slater about her spending.

Harvey Monroe tells Jean Slater to put the brakes on her wedding spending. (Image credit: BBC)

Harvey Monroe is horrified when he realises how much money fiancee Jean Slater has spent on their wedding. She's already racked up a huge bill considering Jean only proposed to him a few weeks before!

He tells her that it's more important that they get themselves sorted with a flat in Southend first.

Jean is taken aback when Harvey demands she cancel everything she's booked so far, before storming off to share his woes with Mitch Baker and Rocky Cotton.

What Harvey doesn't know is that Jean has already received her extravagant wedding dress. Is she willing to give it up?

Kim Fox is happy about moving into Chelsea's house

Kim Fox is delighted to learn she may be moving house! (Image credit: BBC)

Kim Fox is over the moon when she finds out that Patrick Trueman has offered to do a house swap with Chelsea Atkins, who is struggling to stay in the home where her convict hubby killed people.

Kim has no such qualms and relishes the thought of living in the Atkins' plush house. However, it's soon clear that Kim's dream is going to be squashed when Whitney Dean discovers a letter revealing that Gray has defaulted on the mortgage.

It looks like the bank might take the lot leaving Chelsea with nowhere to go.

Also, Linda Carter decides to return to working behind the bar at the Queen Vic. Meanwhile, Stuart Highway finally agrees to take his painkillers after an update from the doctor.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.