EastEnders spoilers: It's finally over for Ian and Cindy Beale?

Ian Beale on his mobile standing next to a table laid with a candlelit meal in the Beale house
Ian Beale is left out in the cold by Cindy Beale. (Image credit: BBC)

Ian Beale makes a last ditch attempt to win round Cindy Beale in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Ian Beale has been struggling to contain his alarm at partner Cindy Beale's closeness to her ex George Knight. 

Ever since Ian and Cindy's surprise return to Albert Square, Ian has been worried that Cindy still has feelings for her former hubby.

When Cindy's concern for George in the wake of shocking revelations about his past bubbled into more, Cindy and George shared a kiss. Although George firmly put a stop to taking things any further, insisting he's still in love with his estranged fiancee Elaine Peacock, it's rekindled a fire in Cindy...

On a mission to reclaim George and her family, Cindy arranges a family dinner and movie night. Things are strained in the Beale house and she and Ian end up in a slanging match..

Desperate to make things right with the love of his life, Ian goes all out to cook Cindy a romantic dinner. While he waits for her to return home, Cindy is making her way to George's, dressed to the nines.

Has Ian lost Cindy for good this time?

Eve Unwin looking daggers at Nish Panesar in the cafe

Eve Unwin has made her hatred of Nish Panesar VERY clear! (Image credit: BBC)

Eve Unwin is furious when she sees her partner Suki Panesar's son Vinny Panesar being all pally with his dad Nish Panesar!

Although Nish has revealed that he's dying, Eve is insistent that the family shouldn't forgive him for the dastardly deeds of his past, which included trying to have her murdered!

When Eve voices her concerns about Vinny's renewed trust in Nish, Suki hurriedly shuts her down, not wanting her to ruin her secret plan with Vinny to take Nish for everything he's got. 

Things escalate when Eve ends up in a confrontation with Nish and she begs her to let it drop.

Will Suki confess her plan to Eve?

Harvey Monroe sitting opposite Maya Houssain in The Albert pub

Harvey Monroe meets up with Maya Houssain. (Image credit: BBC)

Harvey Monroe is pleased when his new friend Maya Houssain turns up in Albert Square, only to get the sharp side of her tongue for tracking her down through her socials!

Apologising for his behaviour, he makes it clear that he had good intentions in trying to find her again. 

After Harvey's apology, Maya softens and confides that she lost her husband last year.

When Maya leaves, Harvey discovers that she's left her hat and he goes online to message her, only to find out that she's mysteriously deleted her account...

Is Maya hiding something?

Reiss Colwel sitting opposite Sonia Fowler in the cafe

Reiss Colwell has the prospect of a new job. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Kathy Beale puts Reiss Colwell forward for a job with Phil Mitchel as his new accountant.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at the later time of 8:00 pm.