EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter and Janine have a horror crash!

Janine Butcher drives Linda Carter home
Janine Butcher drives Linda Carter home but is tragedy about to happen? (Image credit: BBC)

Linda Carter and Janine Butcher are involved in a terrifying car accident in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Linda Carter is all set to go to Watford with daughter Nancy Carter. With Nancy still in the dark about Linda having the money that Janine Butcher scammed out of her, she's feeling nervous. Sharon Watts reminds her friend that she needs to be up front with Nancy and tells her what's going on.

Linda's not the only one feeling apprehensive about the Watford trip... Nancy's feeling awkward about spending so much time with her mum. When boyfriend Zack Hudson reveals that only a few weeks before, Linda was planning to do a flit from the Square, she is stunned.

On the journey, Nancy can't keep her silence any longer and she demands to know why Linda was going to leave without saying anything. A horrified Linda desperately tries to explain but Nancy doesn't want to hear it and she gets out of the car and storms off home.

Linda realises the car has broken down and at her lowest ebb, she manages to find some booze to take the pain away.

Nancy Carter leaves Linda Carter in the car

Nancy Carter leaves Linda Carter on her own with a broken down car. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Janine Butcher is planning on going on a trip to see her sister Clare, taking daughter Scarlett Butcher with her. She's feeling insecure about Mick Carter's recent bonding with his ex Linda.

When Nancy storms into the Queen Vic after her falling out with Linda, Janine is intrigued. It's not long before Linda calls the Vic, drunk and in a state. Determined to stop Mick getting involved in sorting out another mess his ex has got in, she ditches her plans with Scarlett and gets in a cab to go and sort Linda out.

The car manages to start and Janine gets in the driver's seat, setting off with Linda and Annie. A miserable Linda begs Janine not to tell Mick about the money.

In a shocking incident, Janine loses control of the car and crashes! Will they all be okay?

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell is still struggling in the wake of his sexual assault. (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell is refuses to work at The Arches and Kheerat is despairing. He knows he needs someone in to help out Dotty Cotton and he's relieved when Jay Mitchell says he knows a guy he can get in. 

When Ben overhears his rapist Lewis Butler telling his mum Kathy Beale that he's been involved in a homophobic attack, Ben has no sympathy for him. Still in a mess over the rape, Ben tells Lewis he gave him an STI.

Kheerat discovers that Ben's on some meds after Ben is unnecessarily rude to Lola Pearce. He visits Ben and tells him that if he needs to confide in anyone he's there to help. 

Although he keeps his secret to himself, Ben is moved by Kheerat's kindness. He later calls Lola to apologise for being nasty to her but it comes to nothing when she doesn't answer his call.

Suki Panesar looks in Ash Panesar's bag

Suki Panesar makes a suspicious discovery in Ash Panesar's bag! (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Suki Panesar is suspicious that Ash Panesar is hiding something and she goes through her bag. What will she find?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.