EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter has a date with Alfie!

Linda Carter enjoys spending time with Alfie Moon
Linda Carter and Alfie Moon get on like a house on fire! (Image credit: BBC)

Linda Carter is pleased when Alfie Moon comes to her rescue in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Linda Carter prepares for to go out on the blind date that her friend Sharon Watts arranged for her. Although she was reluctant, Alfie Moon encouraged her to at least give it a go.

After getting all glammed up in her signature pink, Linda heads to the Queen Vic pub to meet her mystery man. But after waiting for ages it's clear he's going to be a complete no show!

Poor Linda feels humiliated and seeing her looking sad, Alfie is determined to get her smiling. He takes the place of her date, buying her beverage and they're soon chatting a laughing over a plate of chips!

When Linda's ex Mick Carter sees how well the pair are getting on, however, he is NOT happy. Even though he's now engaged to Janine Butcher it's clear he's still protective over Linda and perhaps more than a little jealous...

Sam Mitchell gets an unwelcome surprise proposal

Sam Mitchell is horrified when her ex makes a show of things! (Image credit: BBC)

Sam Mitchell has got herself into a right pickle following the appearance of her ex-lover Don. 

He turned up in the Square to confront her over a wrong that she did to him. In a panic to calm him down, she told him that she still loved him!

After appealing to her son's father Jack Branning to help her out of the mess came to nothing, she asked Zack Hudson to help her get rid of her ex. 

But when Zack tells her that it's her mess and she's going to have to sort it herself, she is at a loss.

The situation escalates when an overenthusiastic Don turn up with a Mariachi band outside Peggy's to propose to her! 

Sam is speechless. Now desperate, she drops a bombshell on Don...

Will it be enough to send him on his way?

Suki Panesar keeps her cool at the police station

Suki Panesar has been arrested for murder but can she be saved? (Image credit: BBC)

Suki Panesar's arrest for the murder of Ranveer Gulati has sent shockwaves through her family. Her daughter Ash Panesar is finding it difficult to cope, as she's only just got her ex-con dad Nish Panesar back after his long imprisonment.

Kheerat Panesar is sure that Ravi Gulati is to blame for Suki's arrest and he's determined to do something about it. But when shocking revelations come to light he is left floored.

Instead of weakening his resolve to help his mum, Kheerat makes a shock decision. He goes to drastic lengths to stop her going down for murder but will it be enough?

Also, Jean Slater realises that daughter Kat Slater is struggling and suggests that she turn to her ex Alfie Moon for help.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.